Battery and winter do not share the closest of friendships. However, a battery has its own importance inside a car. Now, it is almost impossible to not think about a battery, especially when the world is heading towards electric vehicles.

Here’s how you can avoid A Car’s Battery Problems in Upcoming Winter

How can you determine that a battery is in its last days?

How can you determine that a battery is in its last days (Serice My Car)

First and foremost, a car owner should be aware of a car’s battery lifespan. A number of observations suggest that a car’s battery usually lasts from three to five years, depending on various factors.

Winter does take a toll on a battery’s performance, but it is necessary to evaluate the battery’s health first before looking at improving performance.

You can assess the health of a battery by performing a simple test. It requires a multimeter and an external charger to make a proper assessment. Measure the battery voltage first and make sure it reads more than 12.6 volts. However, a battery should have 12.6 volts to be considered fully charged.

If that is not the case, just use an external charger to charge the battery. Then, leave it for a night to check whether it can hold enough charge or not. In case the multimeter reads somewhere around 12 volts or less on next morning, you should consider a car battery replacement as soon as possible.

On the other hand, a mere drop in voltage is not an alarming sign while you can improve the performance of your car battery in winter.

As per scientifically proven facts, the winter is not good for battery health. Batteries tend to discharge more rapidly once charged and even lose their overall health in the long run. Here, we are sharing some hacks that a car owner can implement to make their battery perform better without compromising its health.

How to keep a car’s battery intact for a long time if it has a considerable lifespan

How to keep a car’s battery intact for a long time if it has a considerable lifespan (Service My Car)

A discharged battery can make you really struggle. If you are alert enough to make the necessary improvisations, that won’t put you or your vehicle in trouble.

Avoid parking under the sky, especially in the winter

Avoid parking under the sky, especially in the winter (Service My Car)

Parking your vehicle under the sky should not be quite bothersome unless you own a garage. Vehicle will be a bit colder outside as compare to a garage with a roof. However, this won’t let you car’s battery causing unnecessary problems.

Your car battery’s capacity can decrease by as much as 50% at lower temperatures. This decrease in capacity causes the battery’s power output to decrease even more, which hinders a car’s engine performance and prevents it from starting.

In addition, winter makes it difficult for engine oil to lubricate an engine when it is starting. When you turn the key, the battery is forced to work even harder to start the engine.

Avoid accessories running unnecessarily in winter

Avoid accessories running unnecessarily in winter (Service My Car)

Over time, the car has acquired a huge list of electronic accessories. However, these accessories use a lot of energy, which makes it hard for the alternator to charge the battery at its maximum.

It is hard to ignore the technological assistance, but it is possible to minimize it. However, you should also consider disconnecting the battery entirely if you are not going to use it for an extended period of time.

Rejuvenate your car battery before heading into the winter

Rejuvenate your car battery before heading into the winter

While winter is going to be hard on your car battery, you should be a little gentle. It requires cleaning of the battery poles as well as ensuring their connection is proper or not. Make sure the battery poles are free of white substance. If there is presence of any impurities, you can use a solution of baking soda and water. However, disconnect the connecting wires before using any cleaning solution. Later, dry everything with a rag.

Once done with cleaning, connect the wires at the poles properly and tightly. However, you can look for a professional for any battery related help at Service My Car.

Consider the battery CCA while buying

Consider the battery CCA while buying

However, this is not an improvisation that you can make now. But, it is something to take into consideration when purchasing a new battery. The Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) is a battery characteristic that highlights the battery’s performance and coping capacity in the winter.

A battery with a higher CCA often performs better in the winter as it has the capacity to cope with those challenges. You can ask for a battery with a higher CCA at Service My Car.

Avail the battery test at Service My Car

Avail the battery test at Service My Car

As stated above, a battery’s lifespan is something around two to three years. However, this might vary based on the geography and the driving frequency, etc.

Opting for a battery test always turns into a fruitful decision before heading towards winter. This definitely will make it clear that either your battery is going to be strong enough throughout the winter or you will need a fresh battery to avoid those awful situations that happen due to a flat battery.

Service My Car carries out a professional inspection of your car’s battery to evaluate its health.

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Mitigation is better than struggling with the situation. And if it comes to the car’s battery, it can betray you anywhere and anytime. However, approach Service My Car for any battery related needs. You can just book a car service or order a car repair quote online.