Do you want to know how to get more organic Instagram followers for your account? In this article we will tell you all about it. We also give you some useful tips that you can use immediately. Instagram is becoming more and more popular. If you ask us, it’s not that surprising. After all, this social media platform allows you to keep in touch with the rest of the world – and the world with you, of course. But for that you need the right number of followers. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than an Instagram account with no fans.

Especially when you’ve just created an account, getting a decent number of followers sometimes seems far off the mark. That’s why you might see many successful Instagrammers accounts pass you by with some regularity. No matter what picture they post, they always seem to get a decent number of likes. If you then look at the handful of followers on your account with a little nostalgia, your mood can sink. But that is not necessary. With the right know-how, you too can count on a significant increase in followers.

After all, it all has to do with increasing so-called engagement. The more people participate in your posts, the faster you can expect an increase in followers. The main way you do that is by asking people to take action. In the case of Instagram, of course, this means above all making a comment or a like. In short, getting more Instagram followers is not as difficult as it seems. By following the tips below, you’ll learn how you too can have an amazing Instagram account with real followers.

1. Complete your Instagram account as well as possible

Completing your Instagram account is number 1 on this list for a reason. So it’s always a good idea to start with this if you want to get more organic followers. After all, your profile is your Instagram account’s calling card and the first thing a potential follower sees of you. The decision to follow you is made within seconds. It is all the more important that your account is as complete and attractive as possible.

Make sure you have an appealing Instagram profile picture. It should be of high quality and make it immediately clear to the follower what your account is about. Especially, of course, if you use Instagram for business. Your bio should also be easy to read and contain the most important information about your account. Here you can think of a website address, for example.

Make sure everything is clearly presented and recognizable. You can achieve this, for example, by using a color that you then use both in your profile and in your posts. After all, recognition creates the right connection. Of course, you need this if you want to have more followers on Instagram.

2. Use Instagram Stories

Especially in 2023, you can’t avoid using Instagram Stories. These can be found at the top of your profile and can also be accessed by people who are not (yet) following you. With Instagram Stories you give visitors a unique insight into what you have to offer. This is how you work on the popularity of your brand or product. But of course you can also use Instagram Stories if you want to share your passion with the rest of the world.

You can also add memorable text and of course a call to action to this compilation of photos. The story remains active for 24 hours and is visible to all Instagrammers, of course only if you have set your settings to public. Recommended, because this way you can draw the attention of even more people to your Instagram account and your offers. If you use Instagram Stories, chances are those visitors will suddenly become followers.

3. Use hashtags the right way

If you say Instagram, of course, you also say hashtags. This is the ultimate way to easily reach the right audience. Therefore, using these hashtags should be done in the right way. First of all, it is very important to use hashtags that are relevant to the post you are publishing. For example, if you’re posting an image related to health and fitness, be sure to use the hashtags provided for that purpose as well.

You can also choose to follow people who use those hashtags themselves. In most cases you can then count on an immediate response and of course you have gained another follower. Don’t forget to Geotags when posting. Not only do these tags help you reach a local audience, but you also target Instagrammers who have included the location in their hashtags. So you can expect a nice interaction here too.

4. Clever use of your photos and those of other Instagrammers

Of course, Instagram is all about seeing and being seen. To get more followers on Instagram, it is smart to manage your account well. Start researching your target audience and start liking their posts and photos. Every time someone gets a like from a “stranger”, in this case you, curiosity is piqued. A visit to your profile follows, after which the visitor sees that your account is related to their interest or passion. In most cases, you can increase the number of your followers on Instagram significantly. So if you like a bunch of photos of your target audience every day, you can grow your account nicely.

Another good tip is to take a critical look at the photos in your own collection. Do they all have something to do with your product or your passion? Be sure to remove these photos. A potential follower wants to see fun and interesting posts that are both related to the shared interest and visually appealing. So in this case, it’s better to have a few good photos in your account than a large number of images that have nothing to do with the purpose of your account.

Using the right filter is also very important in this regard. This ensures uniformity and recognition among visitors. When posting, you have a choice of different types of filters. Filters with a blue tint have been shown to work most effectively on Instagram. The Mayfair filter is a good example of this. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to choose this filter when you post something, but make sure you use the same filter for every photo. Because uniformity creates commitment.

5. Selfies on Instagram? Yes!

Of course we all do our best to take and post the best picture, but selfies generally do best on Instagram. It has even been proven that portrait photos or selfies get almost 40% more likes. All the more reason to start with an eye-catching image. Of course, Instagram remains a place where social contacts are the focus. A personal account with matching photos will help you do just that. It gives other users the opportunity to identify themselves.

Not only with you as a person, but of course also indirectly with your account. And what better way to ensure recognition than a pretty photo of your face? A potential follower wants to be able to see who he or she is dealing with. Who is the face behind the passion or product and if they can identify with it. So, posting selfies is a great way to get more likes for your posts. Of course, this also means that those likes are more likely to follow you on Instagram.


So, Instagram followers are of great importance for your Instagram account. It doesn’t matter if you use this social media platform for business or “just for fun”. The right followers make your account valuable and relevant. Using the above Instagram follower tips as a guide will help you achieve great organic growth.

You can expect a higher brand or product awareness. In this way, using this social media platform for marketing becomes very valuable. After all, you are always dealing with a specific target group that is actually interested in what you do. You can use the resulting interaction cleverly to gain more followers on Instagram.

In short, you can easily get more followers by making your profile as complete as possible. Take advantage of Instagram’s handy features like Stories and use the right hashtags and Geotags. Post and like relevant photos that have a recognizable layout, with or without a filter. Don’t skip selfies and behind-the-scenes photos. Be sure to post on popular days and times. It also depends on your target audience.

Share your Instagram account on other social media channels and on your own website. This creates interest and leads to a nice, organic growth in followers. Don’t be shy about using calls to action. Ask your followers to comment and create a nice interaction that way. More and more people are becoming aware of your posts. By following the tips above, you too can have a beautiful Instagram account with an impressive number of followers.