Are you looking for options to replace a 2011-2014 Ford turbo? There are far too many ways to get into the weeds with this, spending more money, time, and effort than is necessary with retrofit kits that are needlessly complicated.

There is also an easier way, with a high-quality retrofit turbo kit from KC Turbos, one which is made from high-quality components that are precision manufactured to provide a direct, painless, time-saving upgrade.

Higher Quality, Easier to Install, All-in-One Solution
Previously, the only way to upgrade a 6.7L Powerstroke was with a Ford Racing Retrofit Kit – and they were unpleasantly and ironically complicated and difficult to install.

KC Turbos’ Warlock Kit is the easy solution that overcomes most of the issues associated with ball-bearing turbos. Installation is straightforward and simplified and the kit is a direct replacement that includes the turbo pedestal, upper intake manifold, EGR tube valve, oil feed line, heat shield, boot, clamps, gaskets, O-rings, and hardware.

This KC Turbo kit contains journal bearings instead of ball bearings which are noteworthy for their ability to dampen shock and vibration, for their reliability and longevity, and for the fact that they draw a larger volume of oil that helps keep the turbo running cooler.

The design of these Warlock Stage 1 and 2 KC Whistler Turbos also features a 10-bladed turbo design that delivers that “turbo whistle,” as well as an upgraded billet compressor and improved boost control. These designs also deliver cooler EGTs.

Most importantly, the KC Turbo Warlock Kit installs in a fraction of the time of the Ford Racing Retrofit Kit. And, this kit is not only drop-in ready; it’s also made in the United States.

Why KC Turbos?
Aside from the fact that KC Turbos’ Warlock Kit represents a time-saving retrofit over the Ford Racing alternative, the company believes in delivering performance-focused parts that deliver more power. Their turbos are designed to spool faster, pull harder, and run cooler, and they’re constantly taking into account partner and customer feedback to improve upon their designs.

Where Can You Get a KC Turbos Warlock Kit?
Looking for a KC Turbos’ Warlock Kit? Visit via the previous link. They carry this KC Turbos kit in addition to numerous other direct replacement turbo kits and parts.

Even if this isn’t the kit you’re looking for, is still your best source for drop-in ready turbo upgrade and replacement kits. They carry a wide range of direct replacements for Cummins and Duramax turbos, as well as heavy-duty replacement Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, and Mack diesel turbos.

They offer free shipping in the lower 48 states and top-tier customer service, too. If you have any questions about turbo retrofits or replacements, get in touch with them at 480-427-6200. Their customer service team is helpful and knowledgeable, and if you have any questions about compatibility or upgrades, they can help.