While getting your business website designed by a professional web design company Silicon Valley, you must ensure that the design process meets the end you have in mind. Depending on the nature of your business, target audience and your personal preferences, the designing can take different directions. However, the ground rules given by experts and discussed hereunder will help succeed in your web designing mission.

Let your homepage sport a minimalistic design
Your home page must be able to communicate the core message instantly to the visitors. The lesser the readers have to read, the better they will be able to evaluate the content. Keep the most important content above the fold, which visitors can see without having to scroll down. Space the content by employing whitespaces adequately. Go for bite sized paragraphs that are legible. Impressive images will add value to the content. Call to action button is a desirable feature on the homepage.

Focus on visual hierarchy
Hierarchy is an important principle of design that helps display your content in a clear and effective manner. Through the correct use of hierarchy, you’ll be able to lead site visitors’ attention to certain page elements in order of priority, starting with the most significant piece.

The main components of visual hierarchy are:
The principle of hierarchy in designing will help deliver the content clearly and effectively. In the order of priority, highlight the top assets like logo and business name by making them prominent and larger. Larger fonts grab the attention first than the smaller paragraph text. Ensure that the layout of your website steers the visitor’s eyes in the right direction. Place the most important call to action button at the center of the screen.

Create content that is easy to read
Readability of your website means how easy it is for the visitors to recognize the words, phrases and sentences. With a high readability, users can scan through the content effortlessly. In this way they can take the information effortlessly. Make the right use of contrast, letter size, font size and text themes to complement the content effectively.

Make your site mobile friendly and easy to navigate
Your website must be viewable on mobile phones very well. Easy to navigate features will make the visitors enjoy visiting your site and browsing through the content. Focusing on these aspects will help design an excellent site that will stand out and help meet your business goals.