When planning a corporate event, you must look into various things that can make or break your event. Audio-visual elements (A/V) can make a meaningful difference in your event experiences. However, traditional planners will never value this aspect as much as it should be. Poor AV elements and planning can lead to disastrous outcomes, leaving your guests wishing they never came. Your event can become the talk of the town if you commit mistakes in your AV planning. This post will reveal event AV mistakes you should never make. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Event A/V mistakes to avoid:

Managing the audio-visual aspects of your event could be challenging. Of all the moving parts you should manage, this one will test your nerves. A/V and event production are crucial success factors that you must never overlook. However, A/V might sound overwhelming if you don’t know much about it or never plan for it. You stand a higher chance of committing chaotic mistakes, leading to unwanted outcomes. The following list will reveal common A/V mistakes you should avoid in your next event. It will help you ensure a streamlined event experience. Let us jump into the list!

1. Hiring the company too late:

You might need the services of a professional A/V company at your next corporate event. Setting up the tools and equipment at the venue site requires technical knowledge and skills. However, various planners hire the company too late, believing installing the audio-visual elements is easier. It could be costly; you should hire the A/V company before signing your venue contract.

Why not allow them to be your advocate in finding the best venue location? They can help you with that! Once the venue is finalized, you should ask them to begin installing the tools and equip the place with modern-day audio and visual elements.

2. Not understanding your A/V needs:

Which audio and visual elements do you need the most in your next corporate event? You can solve a big mystery if you can find the answer to this question. Event planners often don’t know their needs and opt for AV tools surpassing their budget. The decision will never bring them any good. If you are familiar with the AV terms, you will understand your needs and make a better decision.

Choosing the right number of tools and type of technology for your event is always a critical task. Why not seek help from professionals? You better hire professional event management companies in Dubai and let them help you with the decisions!

3. Ignoring bad audio:

Your guests will quickly notice bad audio. It can drive your guests away at an alarming rate. It would be best to consider the audio experience from every corner of the hall. The front row might experience better audio, but what about the last row? Do you need delayed speakers for the last row? If yes, you should arrange for them.

Besides, you should also understand what your audio system would be used for and let your AV company know about it. Let your partner know if you have planned a surprising musical performance. They will suggest better speakers for the sound system.

4. Ignoring your AV team:

Your AV team should be your partner. They will take measures and install technology at your site to make your event the best. Various event planners commit the mistake of viewing the team as a behind-the-scenes element. They never consider them as important as they are. However, the team should be included in the event as you might sometimes need technical assistance.

You should regularly communicate with the team and make them feel at home. You can also show appreciation when a job is well done. The team will be willing to go the extra mile if you appreciate their efforts and acknowledge their services.

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5. Not communicating changes:

You better communicate something with the AV team when you change something in your event. You should let everyone know whether you have decided to change the venue, event schedule, or plan. Not communicating changes can cause a huge blow to your event budget; you can experience surprising costs and expenses.

What if your AV team arranges for a particular venue, and you decide to change it? Doing so will cost you extra money and tools. Do you want to avoid such mistakes and make your event streamlined? You should hire event management companies in Dubai and let them help you with the planning and management tasks!

Never commit A/V mistakes at your event!

Your corporate event deserves to be planned and managed well. There is no space for mistakes – especially in the AV department. The audio-visual elements must be well-installed and managed. You should avoid mistakes like hiring the company too late, ignoring bad audio, or ignoring your AV team. They can cost you extra money!