Here’s a question for all QuickBooks users – can you work on the QB accounting software without the company file? “Absolutely not,” we are certain this would be your answer to this QuickBooks question.

Everyone who regularly uses and works on the QB software knows that they need the company file to carry out their accounting tasks seamlessly. After all, it is the QuickBooks company file that has all the financial records and accounting statements of your small-scale business.

The above scenario can very much happen to you while working in the QuickBooks accounting software. The usually-efficient QB software sometimes shows the “QuickBooks Error 6000 832” message to users unexpectedly and blocks them from working on the company file.

So, imagine what if the QB account stops you from performing any action on the company file? How would to carry about your daily work without getting access to the QB company file?

However, there is no reason to panic about this QB error. With the help of the expert troubleshooting procedures listed below, you can resolve the error 6000 832 in QuickBooks without any professional assistance.

So, all set to learn how to effectively and easily fix QB error 6000 832 inaccounting software? Scroll done below to uncover the expert troubleshooting procedures!

Fool proof QuickBooks Fixing Methods To Terminate QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 832

Solution 1 – Inspect The Permissions Allowed For The QuickBooks Folders On The System

  • To verify the QuickBooks folder permissions, right-tap on the folder with the QB company file and choose the “Properties” button from the drop-down menu.
  • From the “Security” section of the “Properties” window, choose the “Advanced” tab to resolve the company file error.
  • Locate and select the following QuickBooks service from the displayed list “QBDataServiceUserXX” and choose the “Edit” button to proceed ahead with the QB error troubleshooting process.
  • Now, you need to make sure the server system or workstations allows permissions to the following QB folders –
    • “Transverse Folder”
    • “Execute File”
    • “Read Attributes”
    • “List Folder”
    • “Read Data”
    • “Read Extended Attributes”
    • “Create Files”
    • “Write Data”
    • “Create Folder”
    • “Append Data”
    • “Write Attributes”
    • “Write Extended Attributes”
    • “Read Permissions”
  • If the QuickBooks folders do not have permissions on the server system or the workstations, follow the steps mentioned below –
    • To assign permissions to the QB folders, right-tap on the folder with the QB company file and choose the “Properties” button from the drop-down menu.
    • From the “Security” section of the “Properties” window, choose the “Edit” option to give permissions to the QB folders.
    • Select the following QuickBooks service – “QBDataServiceUserXX” and choose the “Full Control” option to allow permissions for the QuickBooks folders.

Solution 2 – Put An End To The Running Activities Of The QB Accounting Software

  • On the QuickBooks server system or workstation where you are troubleshooting the QB company file error 6000 832, sign in to the admin user account.
  • Next, launch the “Task Manager” feature of the Windows OS system to halt the activities of the QB accounting program.
  • Activate the “Show Activities For All Users” from the “User” section of the “Task Manager” window in the system.
  • Choose all the running processes and services (of the QB software) in the system and tap on the “End Task” button to put a halt to the activities.
  • Before accessing and working on the company file in the workstation or “client computer,” activate the “Multi-User” feature in the QB accounting software.

Solution 3 – Check In Which QuickBooks Client Systems The “Hosting” Feature Is Activated

  • To inspect the activation status of the “hosting” feature in QB client systems, tap the “F2” key to get access to the “Product Details” window.
  • Find the “Locate Server” button on the “Product Details” window and tap on it to check the “hosting” status.
  • Make sure the “hosting” feature is deactivated on all the QB systems except the server system which is hosting the QB files.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, with the help of our QB troubleshooting blog post, you have been able to resolve the QB Desktop error 6000 832 effortlessly. To learn more about the different QuickBooks errors and their specific troubleshooting procedures, connect to the team of Pool Accountant.

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