There has been awareness among clients regarding the significance of customized packaging. But few are left behind that prefer standard packaging. They need to know the importance of customized boxes for belt packaging. Custom belt boxes prove helpful in different ways. On the one hand, they protect the luxurious belts from wear and tear. Belts do not deform, and their original shape is retained for a prolonged time. On the other hand, they are the best tool to captivate the consumers’ attention. A creative belt box designed with catchy artwork has the potential to outstand the brand’s products in the crowd. People can understand the brand’s products because of its individualized box design. This way, the brand’s name becomes word of mouth, and sales are automatically improved. So, be ready to see your apparel brand rising high with our belt boxes wholesale. We at iCustomBoxes, offer plenty of personalized options to give a distinctive shape to belt packaging. 

Outstand the Brand’s Products with Right Sized Belt Packaging:

Precise and right-sized belt packaging is pivotal in enhancing the product’s value. The customers cannot help but appreciate the company’s efforts. On the other hand, products remain secure and become immune to traveling traumas. You can customize custom belt boxes following their functions. You can pick out a mailer box if you have to ship the products. On the other hand, tuck front, magnetic boxes with closures, and sleeve boxes are optimal solutions for retail purposes. Additionally, we design belt gift boxes as well. 

The Most Suitable Material Options for Custom Belt Boxes:

Belts include among the costliest fashion accessory. The retail stores can never get ready to compromise on the belt packaging. It is essential to pack them in the most secure and stylish ways. The box’s material has greater significance. A box manufactured with poor-quality material will put the product at risk of damage. Therefore, you must stay mindful while making material selections. Don’t get impressed by the lower quality material available in the market. Our preferred stock options for belt box packaging include kraft, cardboard, and rigid. They are sturdy enough to resist external factors. Due to their cost-effectiveness, Kraft and cardboard are the most favorable solutions for retail stores. However, rigid is suitable for those who need belt boxes for gift purposes or product display. Additionally, if you run an online store and require belt boxes for dispatch purposes. Then kraft and cardboard mailer boxes prepared with additional flutes are good options. 

Get a Lead Over the Competitors with Trendiest Box Styles:

Want to create a good impression on the buyers? Stylish belt box packaging is the panacea for all worries. On our website, you will find many belt box designs. We make sure the functionality of the box alongside its uniqueness. These are some of the most famous box styles for wholesale belt boxes

  1. Tuck front box
  2. Sleeve packaging
  3. Two piece boxes
  4. Belt box with compartments
  5. Mailer box
  6. Rigid box with magnetic closure

However, we are open to more than these specific box designs. You can share ideas regarding the box’s designs with our team. They are experienced enough to transform raw ideas into natural forms. 

Impress Your Valued Clients with Printed Belt Boxes:

It is challenging to attain clients’ attention in a competitive environment. Printed belt boxes are an economical way to increase the product’s value and outstand it among many audiences. Blet box with a logo provides the buyer’s idea about the company. So, they get familiar with the brand. Subsequently, they recognize it whenever they visit the stores. 

Add Value to Belt Box Packaging with Compartments:

Belt boxes with compartments present the products in a very elegant manner. We include the inserts in the belt box following the size, shape, and number of the belt’s parts. The belt box with dividers separates different parts of the belts and provides individual room for each item. Kraft and cardboard inserts are good options. They are sturdy and reasonable as well. The addition of foam inserts is more appropriate in the rigid box. Various color foam inserts give a very captivating and classy look. However, you can recycle these inserts alongside the box.

Perks of Choosing iCustomBoxes:

  • We offer free shipping facilities worldwide.
  • You can get a free quote instantly. 
  • We do not charge for plates and die-cuts.
  • We offer digital mock-ups for customer satisfaction. 
  • You can benefit from the free design support of our experts.
  • We provide state-of-the-art facilities at very reasonable prices.