ABG Urekha’s Profile Septic More clean: The Most Practical Answer for All Water Cleaning Needs
ABG Urekha has been the ideal bio septic tank cleaner beginning around 2009. Have you introduced any bio septic tanks at your home or on a business or modern site that transmit an excess of scent and obstruct natural waste, making your region become unkempt? Assuming this is the case, use ABG Urekha, a bio septic cleaner that can assist you with emptying out the entirety of your obstructing waste while likewise killing the smell.

WHAT Precisely IS “BIO-Chemical”?

The cleaner is a Septic Tank Bio Cleaner, a cutting edge innovation that wipes out a wide range of natural waste in private, business, modern, and metropolitan areas. This cleaner is perfect for making great microorganisms; consistently, new organisms are added to treat the natural waste. It is hereditarily changed in a characteristic structure. They are protected and have no gamble of additional transformation. The US Place for Infectious prevention and Anticipation (CDC) has recognized that main organisms, for example, Bio Safety Level 1 are utilized in the more clean.


  • The organic oxygen interest (Body) should be disposed of.
  • The cleaner makes zillions of organisms, and the air circulation blends them equitably.
  • It eliminates smells and circulates air through up to 2,500 square meters.
  • It consumes all slime rapidly and utilizes under 2.5 HP per unit.
  • moveable to one more area for more prominent inclusion.
  • simple to collect and work nearby;
  • It cut the electric bills by 75% contrasted with other conventional frameworks.

HOW Can IT Function?

This clean septic treatment separates generally undesirable waste, leaves no slop, and decreases the Body of treating wastewater. The ABG Urekha Bio Clean Channel Cleaner can reuse wastewater through invert assimilation and can be helpful for water system, evaporator reuse, cooling pinnacles, and washing water. These Bio Clean septic cleaners are equipped for cleaning both TSS and TDS water and reusing it.
The Septic Tank Bio Cleaner strategy is exceptionally successful; just placing a couple of drops in and leaving it for an hour can give you clear, unscented water that can be utilized for future requirements. Their useful organisms help in the evacuation of unsafe microorganisms tracked down in wastewater. These septic tank cleanings are associated with existing sewage treatment establishes that assist with changing over the wastewater into reusable ones, making them the most conservative answer for all water cleaning needs.
The cleaner likewise creates an effective measure of oxygen in the water, moving 3.6 kg of oxygen each hour, empowering the organisms to have a decent wellspring of oxygen.

WHAT ARE THE Advantages OF Utilizing ABG UREKHA BIO SEPTIC More clean?

ABG Urekha offers the best bio septic cleaner at a reasonable rate since you can utilize our profile septic cleaner to make your area clean. Presently, millions and trillions of pounds of noticeably and imperceptibly harming synthetic substances and poisons are utilized in septic tanks, and the most ideal way to dispose of these noticeably and undetectably harming synthetics and poisons is to utilize a septic tank more clean.

The ABG Urekha Bio Septic Cleaner is planned with profoundly successful plant-based, biodegradable, and economical surfactants, which can empower the region to securely be cleaned more!
We have a profoundly talented group that has created numerous successful plant-based surfactants to decrease the superfluous utilization of synthetic and scathing based cleaners while endeavoring to all the more likely keep up with and surpass anticipated degrees of viability. what’s more, one of them is Bio Clean Channel More clean.

  • Cost Reasonable.
  • simple to utilize.
  • Eliminate smells with 100 percent productivity, unclog seepage frameworks, and clean your septic tank.
  • Free transportation and conveyance.
  • Dark, Visa, and charge are strategies for moving money.
  • brilliant upkeep and is sans compound with no regrettable aftereffects.

The primary justification behind utilizing this is on the grounds that the chance of corrupting the loss in bio-cleaning agent depends on 99.9%. By the use of customary framework, prompts ground water defilement and furthermore contamination of asset to the climate. Upkeep is simple, relies upon no energy source and furthermore it is effluents are scentless.