Basic Drawing For Kids demonstrates how to draw the Joker for you in this lesson. This well-known comic book villain serves as Batman’s principal foe. The Joker is portrayed as a clown in comic books. The Joker has a peculiar appearance.

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He has white skin, dark eyes, and green hair and is clothed in a flashy suit. Despite the smile on his face, The Joker has an extremely threatening appearance. This hero stirs fear and awe. Basic Drawing For Kids Joker is incredibly smart, calculated, and crafty. He continually devised evil schemes, but Batman stopped him from carrying them out.

Easy Joker Basic Drawing For Kids

You may quickly complete the assignment because the Joker is illustrated in a cartoon-like manner in this drawing tutorial. Specific proportions can identify this style. You should know that Joker has a big head and a small torso. The legs and limbs are incredibly short. The Joker’s face is evil, produced by the eyes’ unique form. Joker appears to be having a lot of fun in this photo. You can use the same colours as in the example to colour garments and shoes, or you can use your creativity to select your colours.

Despite being a bad villain, The Joker is fun to draw. You will discover that it is not difficult to play this criminal hero if you try it. Please pay close attention to each step and follow my advice. Drawing a Joker Face is a programme that teaches you how to draw a joker. Thanks to its user-friendly features, this application can be a resource for learning to colour and sketch.

Those lacking artistic aptitude can learn how to create a joker’s face. Because there are numerous step-by-step drawing tutorials in this application.


  • Pencil, Paper, Eraser, and Coloring Materials.
  • Needed time: 20 minutes.

Step By Step Joker Drawing:

Drawing the Joker

  • The face’s oval should be drawn.
  • Include a rounded semicircular line.
  • Joker drawing instruction

Show the hair:

  • Outline the hair using a few straight lines, as in the illustration.

Detail the eyes, ears, and hair:

  • Make a few little lines in your hair. Make little ears and eyes. How to draw the Joker in chibi

Create a butterfly:

  • Three interwoven ovals make up the shape of the butterfly on the neck.
  • How to draw a Joker quickly.

Create a torso:

  • Draw the torso in the same manner as the illustration. Be mindful of the ratios. Joker drawing instructions

Draw attire and footwear:

  • Draw a few little lines to show the silhouettes of the clothing and shoes.

How to rapidly sketch the Joker

  • Make any errors right.
  • Check your drawing at this point and use an eraser to remove any extraneous lines.
  • The Joker’s colours.

Use green for the hair and beige for the face. Dress in hues of orange and purple. Kids’ Joker drawing instructions

You can now sketch Joker because the class is over. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned some important knowledge. Comment below with your thoughts on the Joker drawing tutorial.

For your convenience, I’ve created a PDF file with a condensed version of the lesson. Get the file and start creating whenever you like.