Action Army may be a name you recognize only from the parts and accessories it produces. Until recently, that was the case. But only a short while ago, Action Army officially entered the world of airsoft guns with its own complete model, the Action Army AAP-01.

And boy, this thing has taken off. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

What’s Great About the Action Army AAP-01
The Action Army AAP-01 is a 9-inch long, 1.43lb metal and polymer GBB airsoft pistol. It comes with a 22-rd mag and is capable of both semi and fully-automatic modes of fire.

This thing is light, quick, and snappy. On full auto, you can burn through the mag in about a second, maybe less. That’s alright though since it’s compatible with many Glock airsoft mags. You just need to keep some spares.

It’s rated to 350 FPS with .2g airsoft ammo, which is fairly impressive for an airsoft pistol. You may want to shoot heavier ammo, though (see below).

Overall, the build quality is pretty solid. For a polymer and metal pistol, it’s pretty dense and compact but it handles well. It’s also pretty accurate, and the hop–up system can be adjusted without disassembling the thing. So it gets high marks for that too.

The trigger has a little bit of take-up before it breaks, but all things considered, it’s relatively crisp at the break point and has a fairly light pull – which “snappy” shooters will appreciate.

There are some other features about this airsoft pistol that we just love. It has fiber optic sights that are good in low light conditions. Rail adapters can be mounted both over and under the barrel, giving the ability to expand the platform. Moreover, the barrel is threaded, enabling the user to add airsoft attachments.

Also, the mag release, fire selector, and other controls are pretty much ambidextrous.

All in all, it’s blazing fast and offers pretty good performance. That said, there are a few extra things you should know about this airsoft gun.

What You’ll Want to Take into Your Own Hands
While the Action Army AAP-01 is absolutely deserving of the hype it gets, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

One is that it seems to consume a lot of gas, especially during fully-automatic firing. So be prepared in the field with a spare canister or two more than you would normally take.

One other thing is that the rear sight is not adjustable, which can complicate accuracy. Although, you could just add a rail adapter and throw on a red dot sight or a pistol scope and that should solve that problem.

The rate of fire in full-auto is insanely fast, which means you’ll empty a mag in about a second. As stated, though, it’s compatible with most Glock airsoft pistols.

One more thing about the Action Army AAP-01, before you pull the trigger on one. You might not want to shoot .2s with this thing. It’s a little too powerful for them. If you want to see advanced range and accuracy, heavier BBs, such as .25s or even .3s, might be better.

Experiment with these and see which one gives you the best performance.

Where You Can Get an Action Army AAP-01, Parts, and Accessories
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