Are you opening a new coffee shop and figuring out which pieces of equipment you should invest in first? The process of creating excellent drinks starts with having the right tools at your disposal, and Modbar has made it their mission to bridge the gap between production and consumption. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand, as well as the 3 essential pieces of Modbar equipment you need to set yourself up for success:

About Modbar
The origins of Modbar are relatively unconventional compared to other brands in the industry. It was conceptualized by a guitarist and a bassist: Corey Waldron and Aric Forbing. Waldron, who worked during the day as a barista and roaster, realized that there was a disconnect between the craft that went into creating each beverage and the experience of the customer waiting for it on the other side of the counter.

His bandmate, Forbing, happened to be a machine pattern engineer, who then worked with him to design the very first Modbar espresso machine. They devised it in such a way that all of its inner workings could be tucked beneath the counter and out of sight, allowing the customer to see how their drink was made and encouraging interaction between the staff and the people they served.

The rest, as they say, is history. Modbar is now part of the prestigious La Marzocco family, a well-established Italian company that specializes in high-end espresso machines.

Modbar Espresso AV System
Modbar’s flagship product is the Modbar Espresso AV, which was developed in collaboration with La Marzocco. The product is based on data gleaned from the research and development of the Linea PB and Linea Mini, two of La Marzocco’s most popular offerings.

The Espresso AV is composed of one under-counter module that can support two espresso taps without the need for additional power. This design allows you to better forge lasting relationships with your patrons, since all the drudgery happens out of sight.

It offers precise temperature stability, just like the Linea PB, and is equipped with simple controls that make it easy to use. With the Espresso AV, you can dose by volume, weight, or continuously. It is also equipped with automatic back-flush and rinse programs for easy cleanup. This is a machine that is especially designed for high-volume environments, allowing your staff to pull shots of espresso rapidly and with ease.

Modbar Pour-Over System
The Modbar Pour-Over System allows you to expand your menu significantly by giving you the ability to offer by-the-cup items without the hassle. It automates the entire process while letting you stay in full control with manual brewing and programmed pulse recipes that can be accessed right from the counter. This allows members of your staff to create hand-poured beverages more efficiently than ever, without sacrificing consistency.

With its chromed lab-mount tap and minimalist design, this product is a handsome addition to any café counter. You can store up to 10 volume and time-based recipes using the provided software, and can easily switch between manual or automatic brews with the touch of a button.

Modbar Steam System
Modbar’s Steam System offers power and control in one sleek and attractive package. Designed to be seen, its modern silhouette allows customers an unrestricted view of their drink being prepared while they linger by the counter.

The system is equipped with a double wall pro touch stainless steel wands to prevent workplace mishaps, as well as an ergonomic handle that looks great paired with the Espresso AV. The omnidirectional ball fitting allows it to be used by left- and right-handed folks alike.

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