Dayara Bugyal Trek: For Beginners guide

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If you think of going for a fantastic trek, then you should go for Dayara Bugyal trek for once in your life. The Dayara Bugyal trek is more beautiful trek in the winter treks in Uttarakhand, Himalayas. The trek is very attractive and eye-catching. The Dayara Bugyal trek is situated in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The Dayara Bugyal trek’s altitude is 11,181 feet. There is an amazing viewpoints the trek’s journey starts from a small village Barsu. The thrilling Dayara Bugyal trek has some of the finest alpine meadows, mesmerizing forest views, ancient villages and high points. The Dayara Bugyal trek stands between icy peaks and the most beautiful meadows which are covered with snow. So, this trek turns into the most charming trek in winter. In this trek one thing is more special because there’s the biggest Bugyal which is Bedni. In the mountains the climate, temperature and weather always change and that is the most beautiful thing which attracts the most.

Why the Dayara Bugyal trek:

First of all it’s very moderate and easy to complete your trek without any suffocating problems. Because the whole  Dayara Bugyal trek is 24 kilometres on foot and by car or taxi it’s around 308 kilometres which is completed within 5 to 6 days. 

And in the mountain there’s no high altitude to cross. This is a very easy trek to do. 

Raithal to Gui-Chilapada village:

You can see from Raithal to Gui-Chilapada village green meadows, silver oaks, and the beautiful landscape of Rhododendrons. To reach Barnala there’s an ordinary pathway and Bakariya’s top is 12698 feet. In this whole path you will face a beautiful landscape and a forest which is covered with silver oaks named Deodaar. From miles to miles there are eye-catching sights with beautiful green scenarios. The Dayara and Barnala hills can be seen next to the Barsu. It’s a simple pathway with green meadows which is passing through the village fields. 

The Base camp of Dayara Bugyal:

In the Dayara Bugyal trek, there is a buttermilk holi festival which is celebrated there every year. In the Dayara Bugyal’s villagers celebrated the festival for Lord Krishana to make him happy. This festival is very interesting and unique. 

This trek is totally safe:

The Dayara Bugyal trek is exceptionally safe for beginners and family. If you want you can go without any fear or hesitation. There’s no point that is difficult to cover in the trek. 

The best time to visit:

To visit the Dayara Bugyal trek the best season is summer between May to june. In this time you can enjoy the greenery and the snow. The summer season is quite friendly to trek with a lot of enjoyment. During this time period in daylight the Dayara Bugyal’s temperature is around -3°C to – 5°C and in the night the temperature is approximately -5°to -15°C. And those temperatures aren’t too much to trek. 


The Dayara Bugyal scenario is very pleasant in winter and summer trek. Who are more passionate about mountaineering, the Dayara Bugyal trek is the best one to consider in their life. But you have to stay fit and strong physically and mentally. The Dayara Bugyal trek is a trek where you can go for 12 months but in winter, summer, or monsoon it is a very friendly trek in Uttarakhand Himalayas. 

To cover up per day, the altitudes:

Rathil village is around 7,432 feets. 

Gui camp is around 9,750 feets. 

The Dayara Bugyal altitudes are around 11,181feets.

The Bakaria top is around 12,645 feets. 

Duration from Dehradun:

Approximately it will take 3 nights and 4 days. 

And the base campaign trek stars of Raithal village. 

To reach Dayara Bugyal trek:

Firstly, you have to reach Dehradun and from there you will go to the Himalaya for the trek. From Dehradun there are always available flights or trains to go to Dehradun , Uttarakhand. 

Transports 1, Train:

To reach your destination you can take trains. It will take overnight from New Delhi to Dehradun. 

Transports 2, plan:

Jolly Grant airport is the nearest place to reach Dehradun. There’s a lot of available flights to Dehradun. 

Transports 3, Bus:

 If you want to reach Dehradun from New Delhi by a bus. 

Network connection and atm point:

It is too important to take care of network connectivity and atm points. You have to withdraw cash before reaching Raithal because there’s no bank Or at. In Uttarkashi market you can withdraw your cash from atm. And also in Dehradun. 

Network connection does not work properly. In Raithal Airtel, BSNL works. In Uttarkashi and Bhatwari, your device will be far enough to receive to networks.

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