5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Savannah


Savannah, also known as the historic district is famous for manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages, and antebellum architecture. The city offers visitors many activities and destinations to relax and enjoy the small joys of life.

It is a glorious amalgamation of architecture and culture that welcomes people of all ages. The place has chill vibes that pressurize you to do nothing except munch on tasty food and relax.

It is a perfect destination to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. The place offers many exciting adventure activities to make your trip more memorable. Confirm your trip to Savannah with Avelo Airlines tickets and let yourself free and happy.

  1. Jones Street

The most picturesque and awe-inspiring location in Savannah is Jones Street. I know, it is surprising! As streets lead us to our dreamlands, think of a path that makes you fall in love with its beauty. Jones Street is no less than a wonder. The Sylvan path will take you to the Avenues of Oaks is among the most appealing destinations in the United States.

You can enjoy the high-stooped 19th-century homes and magnificent architecture. It is an exceptional destination for relaxing. You can saunter the location, as it can be best experienced on foot, and admire the beauty and details of its splendid architecture. Walking on quaint brick paved street in the deep shades of the trees will take you into the wilderness and learn life and history.

It is an abode to one of Savannah’s oldest and most famous restaurants. You can munch on exotic food options in Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. The place nestled in the central location is the soul of Savannah. Avelo Airlines flight is excited to take this mesmerizing location at the best prices. What about you?

  • Wormsloe State Historic Site

Wormsloe State Historic Site is a fantastic trip adventure site while exploring the town. It is the most iconic and historic location in Savannah, with a nature trail, tabby ruins, and gravesites. It also hosts re-enactments in the Colonial life area. Witness the Oldest property in Georgia with Avelo Airlines built by colonist Noble Jones.

It is known for its avenues of live Oaks covered in Spanish moss. Walking through the trails, you will discover sprawling live oaks draped with moss is a beautiful sight to hold. The place has old historic vibes, and its architecture will take you to the past and explore history closely. It is a perfect destination for those who love strolling and learning the details of things around them. 

  • Forsyth Park

Nestled in the heart of Savannah is Forsyth Park, the largest park. It is the most photographed location. The shady paths and lush green spaces is the living epitome of joy and happiness. It is a happy place for family, joggers, and folks to forget deadlines, stress, and chaos. The unique attraction of the park is its large cast-iron fountain which acts as a magnet for tourists and locals.

You can enjoy long walks in the shade of trees with a cup of coffee. During Spring, the place transforms into a colorful paradise when the azaleas bloom fully. You can also witness the community life of Savannah in Forsyth Park as it organizes many concerts and festivals, including Jazz fest, Oktober Fest, and SCAD Sidewalk Chalk Fest. There is a local farmers’ market inside the park every Saturday.

It has a splendid walled Fragrant Garden designed for the blind. It allows them to enjoy the beauty and splendors of nature. It consists of braille markers and plantings so that they can also experience peace in the arms of nature.

  • River Street

Open your mobile and go to Avelo Airlines Booking to learn and discover the hidden gems of Savannah. River Street is the absolute recuse from the hustle-bustle of life. If you are searching for a place to relax and calm down, visiting this gorgeous place is all you need.

River Street is a perfect spot to shop. If you get tired of shopping, try lip-smacking food options to fill your stomach and get the energy to shop. You can also take a ferry to make your evening more adorable. The place offers a quaint view of the river Savannah and brings you closer to the Savannah culture.

Squares of Savannah

Savannah is home to 22 public squares. Squares of Savannah is the charm of the city known for its iconic architecture. Many Savannah squares also appeared in movies because of their splendid beauty and magnificence. The unique quality of these blocks is in a hot city afternoon, they provide shade to the public and connect them with nature.

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Savannah, a land of culture and history, is a place that takes you to the wilder side of Georgia. It welcomes tourists from across the world to discover untraversed places. Avelo flight makes this journey more comfortable and affordable with its exciting deals and offers.