Egg bread is a type of yeasted dough that’s enriched with eggs, which give it a golden color and a soft, tender crumb. This is a common ingredient in popular types of bread, such as brioche, challah, and Italian Easter bread, and it can be used in many recipes.

Bread Taste

Eggy breads have a delicate texture that melts in your mouth, and they’re usually sweeter than other types of bread. They’re great as a sandwich or toasted with a side of smoked salmon. They can also be paired with cheese for French toast or bread pudding.

What Makes It So Soft and Tender

The elasticity of the dough is largely determined by how much protein (gluten) it contains. That’s why bread flour, which has a higher amount of gluten than plain flour, is used in baking it. You can test how elastic your dough is by kneading it and then stretching it between your thumb and first two fingers. If it’s too stiff, you need to knead it more. If it’s too soft, you need to knead less.

What Does the Egg Do in the Dough

When baked, eggs help the dough rise by stimulating the production of a chemical known as lecithin. It’s also a good source of nutrients and an important fat that helps the ingredients mix better and make the dough more manageable.

The Best Way to Cook This Bread

The best way to cook eggy bread is to fry it in a little oil. It will be much softer and more tender than if you cooked it on the stovetop. Alternatively, if you are looking for how to make eggy bread, you can bake it in the oven. Whether you use a frying pan or a skillet, this bread is easy to make and serves up to two people.

Popular Types of Eggy Bread

Some of the most popular types of eggy bread are brioche, which is a French bread that gets richness and flavor from butter. Other types of egg bread include challah, a braided Jewish yeast bread that’s a favorite for Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat. Kosher yeast bread, a rye-based Jewish loaf that’s made from flour, yeast, and salt, is another popular egg bread option. Finally, there’s Italian Easter bread, which is a brioche-style loaf with a sugar-and-almond coating.

Other Countries With Their Own Version of Eggy Bread

In Africa, injera is a staple that’s often used to scoop up food served on a communal table. It’s also a popular breakfast treat in Eritrea and Somalia, where it’s a traditional utensil. It’s prepared from an ancient – and highly nutritious – grain called teff, and it has a distinctive sour taste that’s influenced by the fermenting process.

There are a lot of different eggy breads around the world, but the three most popular are: Indian appam (aka “country bread”), French pain perdu (or torrijas), and German Arme Riddere. There are many other varieties of eggy bread too, including French toast and Bombay toast.