Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency

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Search engines regularly update their algorithms. Companies must monitor these updates and make changes to their sites or risk falling behind competitors. A company may even find its site banned from search engines for a failure to comply. For this reason, many business owners choose to look into using SEO agencies. Allowing an agency to take over these tasks reduces the risk of problems developing.

However, a business owner must find the right agency for their needs. The right agency will help bring more organic traffic to the site, boost the site’s search engine rankings, and more. What questions should a business owner ask when speaking with agencies to ensure the right choice is made?

How Does the Agency Approach SEO?

SEO is more than knowing what keywords the target audience is searching for. In fact, SEO comprises three major elements. The agency must focus on all three elements to achieve optimal results.

Technical SEO tasks focus on site speed, code, and other elements that affect visitors to the site. Search engines must be able to crawl the site so it can be ranked, and technical SEO tasks work to ensure the crawlers find what is needed. This is only one of countless SEO tasks today.

The SEO agency also needs to optimize the user experience. They must ensure the site is easy to navigate and the content contains the keywords and phrases the target audience searches for. Due to increasing competition on the web, the user experience can never be ignored.

Off-page SEO is the third element. It boosts the brand online through links, increasing the site’s popularity, and more. The agency focuses on boosting the site’s authority and popularity, among other things.

How is Success Measured?

When talking with various agencies, ask what metrics they use to measure success. This question is actually a tricky one, as the metrics used depend on what the business owner wishes to achieve. A company should not use a one-size-fits-all strategy. In addition, SEO experts should never guarantee a business will land on the first page. This guarantee suggests the company is using techniques the search engine doesn’t approve of. The use of these tactics could lead to the site being penalized or removed from the search engine.

A reputable SEO agency builds the strategy around the client’s goals. They then choose metrics directly related to these goals. Doing so makes it easier for the business owner to determine whether the agency is achieving what the company hired it to do.

Will the Site Be Mobile-Friendly?

Every business owner today must recognize the importance of a mobile-friendly site. Google uses a mobile-first index, and every business must ensure its mobile site continues to be ranked on the most popular search engine today. The SEO provider should carry out a mobile audit of the existing site and determine where changes are needed. In addition, they must be able to share why mobile is an important part of SEO today. If an agency fails to do either, look elsewhere for help in this area.

A business owner should ask these questions of every SEO provider they are considering hiring. However, other questions need to be asked as well. For example, the client needs to know what is expected of them and when results may be seen. Never rush the process of hiring an agency, as doing so could lead to problems. Ask as many questions as are needed to ensure the selected agency is the right fit.

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