Importance of Localization Services for Software

professional software localization services

There are so many global soft tech company owners that are world famous. However, a lot of them have gone on to open multiple business ventures and many different fields of commerce. Some notable examples include Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and many others. The reason why they are so famous is because their software products have world-wide popularity. They often change lives and business trends. For that reason, these global software company giants use professional software localization services allowing them to better penetrate foreign markets. 

Did you know that Skype was used more in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam than in the USA or most European countries? Do you know why? It’s because of call centers being placed within these countries for cheaper operations. For that reason, they often needed app localization services to train staff members. A global software company has to utilize translation services where appropriate. This helps them set up businesses in different countries, lower operation costs, penetrate markets, and more. 

How does Translation help software companies?

Many brands have utilized professional software localization services to penetrate new markets. Here is how translation helps improve a software company’s portfolios and profits:

Brand Awareness

Population densities have increased considerably in many countries. Gone are the days when English as the primary language was used for all businesses. Now large portions of any demographic prefer content and products in their native language. Even if these are online software that holds no tangible value. This is one of the reasons software companies have their websites and apps available in different languages. The first step to marketing is for people to know that your software product exists and what it can do. Translation and app localization services ensure that your target audience does. People also feel more comfortable in their native language because they believe they understand different aspects of the software completely. 

Localization through Translation

Translation and professional software localization services together ensure your message is delivered in different languages. You see English itself is unique with how its phrases and tones work. Similarly, other languages also possess this quality. For that reason, localization is necessary to make the same impact as the original content does. Moreover, there are also documents like user manuals and stats. These content documents require extra care and only translators that do localization and transcreation can provide it. So be sure to talk about these possibilities with the app localization services professionals you hire.

Streamlined Communication Globally

Companies often require help to get excellent ratings in customer communication. However, in order to do so, they need software translation and transcreation. Here, companies may employ a native speaker to translate their product and let customers engage in a chatbox created by AI. Here customers should be given the option to provide feedback in their native language. Which can then be translated for the people in charge. Software companies have and can make very sound decisions based on that data. Many large software business providers have done a similar approach. We may not see it, but it took time for many software companies to establish a firm footing. Take Spotify for example, it was successful in many countries, while its services are still being marketed in others. Hopefully, they can mimic results in due time. 

Asset Based Customers

Those who use your service once are new customers, those who use it multiple times are assets. Translation of software services makes users feel appreciated and cared for. This kind of attitude signifies a form of loyalty to them. Ensuring that the next time they need a software product like yours, they will likely come to you. Translation helps increase the number of loyal customers you have. Even in 2023, there are a majority of companies that have not utilized the multilingual approach for their software products. 

Industries in Software that Can Use Translations

Software is a massive field, with many sub-branches. What most commonly falls under its umbrella are gaming, the medical industry, the tourism industry, the food industry, transportation, and pretty much any industry with an online presence and a B2C approach. Though the umbrella also has the B2B community in its grasp, but not in such high numbers. So in this technological era, all industries rely on some form of software or another. 


Taking your software business global through translation and localization is a smart choice. There are no drawbacks when done correctly. So any software business looking to increase awareness, profits, reach, and better establish themselves globally. Should very well look into finding good translation partners. 

The only thing to remember would be to use locals to rate your translated documents. This should be done to avoid errors and ensure that your message is clear. Major software tech giants have already proven the benefits of localizing software for target audiences.

The same can be said for other industries, as the approach may remain the same, although the intents can be different. Good luck to you guys. 

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