Surprising Facts to Know Before Moving to Abu Dhabi

Surprising Facts to Know Before Moving to Abu Dhabi

Besides being the capital city of the prestigious UAE, Abu Dhabi is home to must-visit icons like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace. However, this Harbour city is constantly evolving. With new rooftop bars, theatre shows, and designer doorways popping up at every turn, it’s as exciting as it is enjoyable. 

And how can we forget the urban entertainment perfectly balanced by evenings spent lying on the sand? With all these award-winning destinations at your doorstep, Abu Dhabi is the perfect base for a dreamy lifestyle. That’s why there’s a significant boost in residential properties for rent in Abu Dhabi.  

Besides a range of accommodations to choose from, here’s what this city has for you with the outdoors. 

  1. Public Security at its Peak 

After Dubai, Abu Dhabi makes it one of the safest cities in the world. The city greets an average of 10 million visitors annually and a population of over 1.4 million. While you rarely need the police with so much security, they are easily recognizable in olive green uniforms whenever you do. Since they’re actively involved in citizenship, it’s handy to approach them with your problems.

  1. Relocating with Children 

We can’t deny that relocating anywhere with kids is challenging, but Abu Dhabi provides excellent educational systems for them. The Ministry of Education governs the state’s private and public schools with strict guidelines with which the schools must comply. The education process here takes place within 14 years and is compulsory up to ninth grade.

  1. Weather Updates 

We all know that the climate of the UAE stays hot and dry all year around. While the hottest months are July and August, it can be unpleasant for the ones living without air conditions. That’s why it’s essential to get your conditioning systems in place to protect yourself from heat exhaustion. 

On the other hand, if you plan to visit Abu Dhabi for tourism, make sure to book your tickets towards the end of the year as the weather remains pleasant during this time. 

  1. Room for Modest Culture 

UAE implies Islamic rules and policies, and so do its cities. That said, Abu Dhabi occupants must respect the laws and conventions wholeheartedly. Some beliefs vary from western cultures, so you need to be aware of them to avoid criminal prosecution. It includes preventing drinking in the crowd, public displays of affection and getting married without your family’s consent.

  1. Annual Celebrations and Festivals 

Muslim festivals are timed as per the moon all over the UAE. It means that religious holidays’ dates are approximate and usually only announced a day before their occurrence. If a public holiday falls on the festival day, the state will grant you a day off from the coming working week. However, regardless of whichever religion you belong to or the traditions you follow, you can enjoy your religious festivals.


Life in Abu Dhabi is well-groomed and disciplined, more than you’ve experienced anywhere else. If you’re joining the moving bandwagon anytime soon, remember to attend to these factors beforehand. Not only will it be helpful for sound decision-making, but you’ll also get enough time to make the arrangements accordingly.

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