Top Communities to Consider When Moving to Dubai

Top Communities to Consider When Moving to Dubai

2023 is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more grateful. With the pandemic leaving our side for good, life for everyone is coming back on track. Among others, are you someone moving to Dubai and Sharjah shortly? In that case, you must acknowledge some of the best residential communities in the city, particularly when you’re a newbie.

While accommodation is no biggie when you’re alone, tagging a family brings hefty responsibilities. Yet, there’s no need to worry since we’ve covered you. Head over to the queue of properties rental in Dubai and get a fresh start in 2023. 

  1. Dubai Silicon Oasis 

Tenants seek a property for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis for many reasons. On one end, the region provides affordable residential units, but you’ll also find some well-groomed lifestyle amenities. There are exotic gyms, swimming pools, and alfresco areas throughout the community to keep you engaged. Moreover, many supermarkets are available to take care of your daily grocery requirements. Regarding the rental rates, you’ll be paying AED 33k for a 1-bed apartment. However, the rental prices will increase as per the spaciousness. 

  1. Mirdif 

Over the past few years, the significance of Mirdif Dubai has risen exceptionally, but do you know why? All the eco-friendly kid areas and paved roads make it an ideal family gateway. Positioned near Mushrif Park, Mirdif serves fruitful amenities and facilities. When leasing a property in Mirdif, tenants also find the place attractive due to the epic academic institutes nearby. You may be glad to know that rents are reasonable in Mirdif compared to other neighbourhoods. 

  1. Discovery Garden 

Discovery Garden is one of Dubai’s top residential yet the most underrated neighbourhoods. While located near significant landmarks like Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali, and JLT is a pride that it dutifully beholds. It also makes the area life-worthy. The ideal lifestyle is one of many reasons the region is appealing. But it’s also thoroughly planned, with various eco-friendly spaces and aesthetically drawing features. 

  1. International City

International City in Dubai has consistently been recognized because of its affordable homes, supreme location and cutting-edge services. This community is the place to be if you’re specifically searching for housing with no hefty price tag. The community has gained half the reputation from its electronic and Chinese grocery stores. Also, there are some family-friendly eateries ranging from Greek to Indian, named after different countries.

  1. Rashidiya Dubai

Known as Rashidiya, the community is home to respectful government offices, departmental stores and other areas of interest. It is helpful that the neighbourhood also nurses gorgeous villas and apartments. So, bigger families on a house hunt can book a slot for villas here. Another point of attraction is the cluster of transportation networks. After all, there’s nothing more appealing than having a metro bus station near your residence, especially in Dubai, where owning a vehicle is like breaking the bank. 

Ending Thoughts

Shaping your dream life in one of Dubai’s budget-friendly communities is a great way to take the lead. And you know what’s in it for you? Every community that’s mentioned above is a go-to spot for home-seekers regarding shopping, dining and leisure. So, get yourself a suitable house to live in because 2023 is just around the corner, with endless prospects waiting in the queue.

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