The Quick type: Lion nation Safari is regarded as Southern Fl’s the majority of beloved and unique destinations. Since 1967, this park provides delighted visitors with drive-through and walk-through tours of its 600-acre animals habitats. Lion Country Safari unwrapped as one of the very first cageless zoos in U.S., as well as its creatures keepers head to great lengths so that the security and joy regarding the animals that live here. Adventuresome partners and individuals takes a tour of Lion Country Safari to see giraffes, rhinos, wildebeest, and, however, lions roaming in large, naturalistic habitats.

You might not think about the bright and sunny coastlines of South Fl as lion area, but Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee defies all expectations. This safari playground has packs of lions, flocks of parrots, and herds of giraffes on the 600-acre region.

Among their most widely used and good-looking occupants is Cupid, a 14-year-old giraffe created inside the park on Valentine’s Day.

I suppose you could say Cupid wears his heart on his case because the guy just so goes wrong with have a heart-shaped spot-on his neck. That recognizable mark assists site visitors choose him out from the package, in which he’s maybe not above using their crowd attract find some extra lettuce during giraffe-feeding activities.

Cupid is Lion Country Safari’s breeder bull giraffe, which means the guy uses a lot of their time, really, sharing the really love. Most of the child giraffes you see on property tend to be his offspring.

In general, Cupid’s enjoying and playful personality charms everyone else just who meets him. You will get up close and personal with him as well as over 1,000 other pets at Lion Country Safari.

In 1967, Lion nation Safari unwrapped due to the fact very first cageless zoo inside U.S., and possesses proudly preserved savannas, wetlands, jungles, and other places where the pets can roam easily. The staff makes use of the landscape as normal borders to various terrains. Guests can walk through or drive through these areas receive a review of 90+ species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish.

“you need to all of us to possess spacious spaces in regards to our animals,” stated Haley Passeser, advertising connect at Lion nation Safari. “we’ve a few of the largest herds of giraffe and zebra on record during the U.S.”

Enjoy a Drive-Through Safari packed with Animal Encounters

The assortment of pets at Lion nation Safari is actually remarkable. You will find a 90-year-old tortoise in one single housing, after which spot a cockatiel when you look at the woods the following. Gates open immediately at 9:30 a.m. each and every day, therefore the animals are out and about at that time. Pro tip: the creatures keepers claim that wet times are in fact one of the better days to see due to the fact lots of pets benefit from the wet weather condition.

Lion Country Safari offers both walk-through and drive-through encounters for starters dull entrance rate, so website visitors takes situations at their speed and watch creatures in-person or from safety of the cars. The employees recommends taking an audio tour along if you should be striking-out independently. Plus, Lion Country Safari has actually an app with additional information regarding the playground as well as its pets.

“You never know what you are attending see when you go available to you,” Haley stated. “whenever you perform the drive-through and walk-through encounters, it really is as you’re acquiring two parks for 1 rate.”

Lion Country Safari arranges VIP trips and unique occasions throughout the year. These special encounters consist of close-up wildlife encounters and specialized tours. The Giraffe decorating experience is an original event in which visitors choose three colors right after which enjoy since giraffes make an abstract paint by keeping the brushes within mouths. Visitors obtain the finished artwork as a souvenir.

Display speaks are interesting and informative activities at Lion Country Safari. You can study a little more about particular animals additionally the caretaking involved in leading them to delighted and comfy. The wildlife keepers additionally emphasize the importance of conservation.

During Animal theatre Presentations, an animal expert will bring an amiable pet and inform you everything you might need to know regarding it. This really is outstanding forum for pet fans to ask concerns and learn something totally new.

Whether you are giving a friendly giraffe or snapping pictures of a herd of zebras, you can rely on Lion nation Safari to deliver an unforgettable, family-friendly experience on every visit.

Taking the African Savannah to Florida’s Backyard

In 1967, Lion nation Safari made headlines by opening the first cageless zoo in Florida. A team of business owners wished to generate visitors feel as if they were trekking through Africa and witnessing wildlife within natural habitat. It absolutely was an ambitious program, however it soon turned into a big success.

Fl’s hot environment is ideal for the playground’s lions, rhinos, chimpanzees, zebras, and giraffes. These pets have actually thrived here and already been the centerpiece of a four-mile drive-through protect.

The creators had a sight to create a beautiful destination that would make African safaris a lot more handy for US vacationers, that is certainly precisely what Lion Country Safari has been doing.

Whilst has expanded popular, Lion nation Safari has broadened to add a petting zoo, an aviary, a reptile home, a h2o sprayground, gift shops, campsites, alongside walkable tourist attractions to entertain guests nicely. Over 50 staff at this time care for the animals within habitats or at an on-site veterinary hospital, as well as 200 folks work for Lion Country Safari.

“As a group, we have all different backgrounds, but all of us come together to manufacture this one because great as they can be,” Haley said. “It takes a lot of people to run a company like Lion Country Safari.”

For over half a century, Lion Country Safari features sent jaw-dropping and eye-opening views to website visitors of various age groups and backgrounds. Individuals come here to possess an African safari and never having to take a trip halfway around the world. It’s the possibility of for years and years, and that crazy backdrop makes for some pretty enchanting and memorable minutes.

a crazy spot for a Proposal, celebration or Daytime Date

Since it unsealed to the public within the sixties, Lion nation Safari has gotten rave product reviews. “just what enjoyable we had,” said Mary, who journeyed from Indiana to stay on campground and simply take a safari. “The emphasize had been in a position to hand-feed the gorgeous giraffes. I have not witnessed countless delighted confronts, such as our personal.”

Lion Country Safari features generated a 4.5 star status on TripAdvisor, and it’s really noted given that number 1 course of action in Loxahatchee. “I pushed through Lion Country Safari a number of instances and always get in the same manner thrilled given that first time,” stated one customer. “everytime is different. If we had two rhinoceros securing horns in front of all of our automobile.”

A lot of visitors and day-trippers drop by the safari to see anything they can’t see each day. Some partners even decide to celebrate anniversaries, make shock proposals, or hold their particular weddings only at that untamed destination.

“whenever we began preparing our wedding ceremony, we realized we wished something celebrated all of our love of nature,” mentioned Valerie, just who partnered her now-husband David at Lion Country Safari. “everyone else had a very good time, and I also have some fantastic photographs and recollections of my unique marriage. Everyone is nevertheless writing on it.”

Haley mentioned she remembered one special suggestion where in fact the team organized a private trip and sweetheart had their children pull-out indications that browse “are you going to get married you?” The bride-to-be was actually entirely amazed and joyfully said yes.

“nobody gets that sorts of proposition,” Haley stated. “Lion nation Safari is a good possible opportunity to do something different and get this touching time utilizing the entire family members.”

Lion nation Safari Offers a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Anyone exactly who visits Lion Country Safari is able to see what an amazing place it is. As soon as you walk-in and notice squirrel monkeys chattering or lions roaring, you’ve got an immersive pet knowledge which you can’t find any place else from inside the tangible jungles of South Florida.

Partners can address by themselves to a unique day examining the flatlands and walking trails and taking in the incredible places. Whether you’re feeding Cupid a mind of lettuce or seeing a herd of wildebeest find the correct path, Lion nation Safari is filled with memorable sights and sounds.

Animals training and conservation reaches one’s heart of all things Lion nation Safari does. Haley told us the team’s goal is always to motivate children, teenagers, and grownups to fall in love with the pets here and carry a greater appreciation when it comes down to amazing diversity of animals revealing our planet.

“you want to promote connections between people and animals, so we like to foster connections between people and other people,” she stated. “that is really important to united states.”