Planning The Custom Home Building Process

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The process of building a custom home is different than the rest and the reason is simple. Every homebuyer looks forward to utmost satisfaction with the house they buy and the value it delivers.

No wonder the planning and process of a custom-made house are more detailed as it needs to have almost everything that a homeowner prefers. Overall, the house you build should come out as unique. With so much to look forward to, the planning process might also seem stressful and daunting. To stay on track with the planning process, consulting with custom home builders in Kelowna is a significant step. They have the experience to make your dream home vision come true.

Here are the key phases of planning the custom home-building process sorted to make it look easy and more understandable.

Exploring the major phases of the custom home building process

  • Create the concept of your dream home

First and foremost, you need to develop your design concepts and meet the builders in Kelowna to discuss your wish list with them. That way, they can better understand the features and attributes you are looking forward to in your custom home. You have been nurturing the idea of building a dream home for long, but when the time comes, you may feel confused when sharing your design concepts with the builders.

If you have saved the images and ideas of home designs somewhere, you can go ahead and share them with the builder. Besides, there are plenty of ideas you will come across online and in magazines. At best, the builder may also share with you fresh ideas or show samples from their past projects. Once you finalise the design concept, the builders start analysing the site to know how they should proceed.

  • Preparing the site

The next stage begins with the preparation of the lot. For an empty lot, the builders may begin levelling it at first before starting the construction work. The underground electrical and plumbing work also needs to wrap up at this stage.

  • Obtaining permits

The next phase is where you seek permission to take your dream home-building process a step ahead. So, if your builder is all geared up with the drawings, layouts, timelines, and all the personalization aspects, they will seek approvals and permits to move into the actual home-building process.

  • Framing the house

For most Kelowna home builders, framing the house is one of the most significant steps and so it is for the buyer. It is at this stage that your dream home takes shape to a certain extent. You can see the roof, walls, and floor being framed by experts. Care is taken to cover the structure with a wrap to protect it from the weather vagaries.

  • Roofing and siding

Framing the custom home is over and now comes the roofing and siding installation. At this stage, the water pipes and electrical wires also run through the interiors of the walls, ceilings, and floors. At the same time, the HVAC ductwork for your house also begins at this stage.

  • Drywall and insulation

Insulation contributes to making your home comfortable and energy efficient.  Usually, insulation is based on the climate or the region where you are building the house. So, the builder may use concrete blocks, insulating panels, mineral wool, and rigid or sprayed foam to make it energy-efficient.To achieve a more energy-efficient home, it’s essential to consider not only the construction materials but also the operational costs. So, while the builder may use concrete blocks, insulating panels, mineral wool, and rigid or sprayed foam to enhance energy efficiency, selecting the cheapest electricity plan will further reduce your overall energy expenses.

  • Interior design

Designing the interior of Okanagan custom homes is one of the most exciting phases where homeowners participate actively. At this stage, they are likely to witness the implementation of several of the features and attributes they want in their dream home. Home builders assess the preferences of the type and the number of rooms the buyer needs, the styles and preferences they consider, and incorporate their needs and wants while balancing them proportionately. So, you can choose from a variety of window sills, baseboards, moulding, doors, and all kinds of decorative trims. Besides, interior design also includes the application of paint on the walls.

  • Handing over the house

Finally, the custom home builders in Kelowna may ask you to tour the house to ensure that everything is in place. If you are satisfied with the work, you can ask for the warranty and know what it covers. But if there is anything you want to change, you need to tell the builder what issues need their attention. Usually, reputed builders make sure that their clients have peace of mind once they move into the house. Align West Homes is one of the first names that surface when you decide to build a custom home in Kelowna or the Okanagan Valley. They ensure that every project of theirs blends expertise with the client’s styles and preferences.

Are you ready to build your custom home and looking for builders right now? Explore each phase of the home building process closely to make sure that it is unique and what you can call a house that is entirely yours.