10 Designer Secrets for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

10 Designer Secrets for Choosing Bathroom Tile

It can be almost impossible to choose all the bathroom amenities the way you have envisioned, especially since it can be a real headache to pinpoint the right bathroom tiles. Your bathroom is the reflection of your home and personality, so it’s perfectly normal to want to have the most elegant and sprucing bathroom, and the secret to having a comfortable and sophisticated bathroom lies in choosing the right bathroom tile.

Bathroom tiles play a vital role in making the bathroom look aligned with all bathroom essentials and contribute to its amazing appeal. However, as choosing the right tiles would help you set the tone and boost the vibe of your bathroom, you need to take time to choose the best tile combination. Here are some top designer secrets that would help you narrow down your search and help you find the most ravishing tiles for your bathroom.

1. Set up a steady tile budget

Those who tend to renovate their bathroom ought to start by setting up a clear budget for the bathroom tiles. When choosing bathroom tiles, there will be so many options, designs, patterns, and other amenities to select and pay for, so you need to at least have a certain budget range in mind. By setting a budget for the bathroom tiles, you will have an idea of the overall cost and stop yourself from overspending.

2. Find the right size

When it comes to choosing the bathroom floor tiles, you must consider the size of your bathroom first. Most homeowners across Australia tend to choose 300x300mm tile sizes, but the range of sizes is from small format tiles to large. It’s up to you to determine what best fits your bathroom outlook. Sometimes the large format tiles look more exquisite compared to smaller tiles. When it comes to bathroom wall tiles, going for smaller-scale and more elegant tiles is advisable.

3. Focus on the material

Once you have determined the size of your bathroom tiles, the time has come to select the material. The standard tile material used in most bathrooms across Sydney is porcelain. Ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tiles are some of the most popular tile options actually in all of Australia, but these natural tile materials when laid out in an adequate manner exude grace and sophistication. Finding the most eligible material is of the essence, and according to experts, you need to search for quality tiles in Sydney if you wish to have a perfect blend of quality and elegance. Only by choosing the right material will you be able to have the meticulously designed bathroom of your dreams.

4. Alleviate the design

Alleviate the bathroom tile design to tell a wider story of this room. Another designer secret that some of them are ready to confess is the importance of blending the tile design with colors and its ability to stand on its own. Graphic patterns and variously shaped tiles in cement or porcelain can maximally contribute to having a sleek and modern bathroom that you only see in magazines or celebrity homes. Strive to mix the design with the tile hue, if you wish to play with patterns and shapes you might want to choose cement tiles for instance.

5. Dark vs Light

Those who possess off-beat white porcelain bathroom utilities can create a totally new bathroom tile theme to spruce up the ambiance. Choose darker tiles if your vanity, wash basin, or bathtub is plain-colored. On the other hand, those who want to enhance and complement their bathroom should go for darker tile hues, but accentuate other bathroom amenities such as rugs, towels, and racks with a lighter hue. Think wisely about the tiles serving as a backlash and try to contrast them according to the ambient.

6. Accentuate the tiles

Opting to accentuate the tiles gives you a vast edge in contrast to other basic bathrooms. If your budget allows it, go for an accent tile that would revive your bathroom’s outlook. Whether you wish to place a few emerald green small-format sizes behind the toilet or ravish one side of the wall, placing accent tiles can quickly elevate an otherwise bleak wall. Marble patterns, vintage chine look, silver flair, or unexpected flowery patterns can amazingly uplift the apparel of your bathroom.

7. Try out a mosaic extravaganza

Designers recommend a fresh dose of charm to anyone bold enough to try something extravagant but equally appealing. If you have already selected plain-colored floor tiles and still wish to uplift the bathroom, the best way to transform the visual appeal is to use breathtaking diamond natural mosaic stones. Check out the Greek-style mosaic, or the Italian Travertine design and do sometimes courageous for one bathroom wall. Mosaic layering is a great way to modernize your bathroom without spending a fortune.

8. Opt for a vivid color scheme

Today you can find tiles in every single possible color. People who wish to incorporate a Scandinavian style can go for a mix of yellow and blue tiles, whereas those who are more inclined to a minimalist approach can use white or neutral tiles with gentle textures. Choosing a bathroom tile color would mainly depend on your individuality and preferences. However, if you have a tiny bathroom, though, experts suggest avoiding darker colors. In all other cases, you can go for vivacious and bold colors.

9. A perfect blend of “three”

When it comes to style and design, to have a unique bathroom look, you should pay attention not to exaggerate. When choosing design, pattern, and color, you must aim to choose no more than three various tiles, especially if you wish to mix and match them. Using more than three tile patterns or colors would make your bathroom seem busy, and even cramped.

10. A tile finish

In the end, the designer unravels another crucial secret to having the most stylish and welcoming bathroom, and that’s the finishing. Choosing a tile finish is crucial as it gives your tiles a texture. You can choose between a few options. Some textures can give a high finish or glow, and there are those with a low sheen. The purpose of having a tile finish is to alter the slip and make it water-resistant.

To sum up, these fantastic designer secrets serve to help you choose the most appropriate bathroom tiles and make this vital room appear lush, clean, and rich.

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