What Every Visitor Should Know Before Getting a Full-Body Wax

According to the professional esthetician of Queens, the skin usually needs two to three waxes to remove hair properly. Waxing improves the appearance of the skin, maintains skin health, and reduces unwanted hair and stubble. Here is everything you should know before getting a full-body waxing at a skin care clinic.

Be Prepared For The Full-Body Waxing

Before you make an appointment with a wax studio in Queens, do an exfoliation so that wax can easily remove hairs and leave your skin silky smooth. Professionals of Blaq label esthetic, a black-owned wax studio in queens, say that your hair should be long enough before you schedule your waxing. The best hair length to grow is ¾ inch. Being prepared will make your waxing routine a more comfortable experience.

How Long Does Your Waxing Last

Usually, waxing last for 3-6 weeks; however, it varies from person to person, depending on several factors. These factors include how fast your hair grows, how often it grows, and how thick it is. You can ask your esthetician for their opinion on how long the wax will last. Our experts at Blaq label esthetics, a black-owned wax salon in Queens, are happy to discuss your hair growth and waxing goals.

Product Used for Waxing

Products used for waxing are usually made from wax, lanolin, and beeswax. Professionals apply the wax with a medical-grade applicator stick, spreading the wax evenly over the skin. Blaq label Esthetics, a black-owned wax studio in queens, takes extra care to ensure high-quality and safe products. They use 6 step process to provide you with the highest quality waxing sessions. Such as

  • Clean the Skin
  • Prepare your skin with a pre-wax oil
  • Apply wax and remove unwanted hairs
  • After waxing, apply post-wax oil to smooth the skin
  • Place a warm towel over the waxed area to continue the soothing process
  • Use a customized repair formula to prevent irritation and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

All their waxing products are made from naturally derived ingredients and formulated for the best possible results.

Hair Removal Process

Professionals use wax to remove all unwanted hair on your legs, face, arms, or other areas. The wax used in this procedure helps remove unwanted hair from the root without damaging the skin. A high-quality wax can remove all hair follicles from the target area, leaving the skin glowing and softening.

In the above points, you have already learned about the things you need to consider before visiting a wax studio in Queens, but now the main question is why you should consider full-body waxing. If you have just started waxing your legs, you are already experiencing the benefits, such as hair growing back more slowly, hair being softer than earlier, etc. So why stop on your legs rather than full body waxing? Here are some benefits of waxing you might want to know:

  • Less time: when waxing, you should come to the waxing center every 3-4 weeks; afterward, waxing intervals are increased. However, this is different for each individual. Blaq label esthetic, a black-owned wax studio in queens, recommends having ¼ inch of hair growth before returning to your next wax. As for shaving, depending on the area, it is about once every 3 days to once a week. Once you start waxing, it is easier to maintain, especially than shaving your whole body.
  • Less Noticeable: shaved hair grows back quickly and often looks darker. It can get even thicker because the removal method is so blunt. When waxing, don’t worry about thick black hair on your upper lip or bikini line. It also eliminates the risk of razor burn when switching to waxing.

Bottom Line: About Blaq Label Esthetics

Blaq Label Esthetics, a black-owned wax studio in queens, offers bikinis, facials, and Brazilian wax. By treating the root of the problem, rather than cutting the hair in half, you will have smooth skin for longer. It takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area. With years of experience, Blaq label esthetics, a black-owned wax salon, are committed to providing complete skin care service in Queens and the nearby regions. When it comes to waxing for the first time, you can rely on clean facilities and hygienic routines for an effective hair removal process. We blend our waxes individually to ensure a call or stop by today to learn more about the benefits of fully waxing your body.

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