Six Amazing Facts You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

Six Amazing Facts You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

The name of cosmetic advancements stands tall when discussing some of the best inventions in the world. After all, there’s nothing more impressive than beautifying yourself within minutes. Not only does it help you ditch the fancy yet endless skincare routine, but it also helps you get back to life almost immediately. 

Among the best cosmetic treatments, breast augmentation never fails to surprise us with its offerings. Breast augmentation, otherwise known as implants, is meant to increase the size of the candidate’s breast. The treatment works by placing implants under the breast tissues and chest muscles. 

No wonder why breast augmentation in Dubai and worldwide is getting immensely popular. What’s more? The treatment arrives with shocking yet incredible facts you should know. For that, keep on reading the guide.

Fact # 1- Both Silicone and Saline Implants are Safe

While most surgeons prescribe saline implants to their patients, it is a safer approach than silicon ones. However, recent research has shown that silicone implants are as note-worthy as saline ones. 

Although you must go with your doctor’s opinion, there’s nothing to worry about when getting any of them. Since you can’t escape from the post-procedure complications, it’s still a misconception that silicone implants will cause you any harm 

Fact # 2- Breast Augmentation is Uncomplicated 

As complex as it may seem, breast augmentation is more seamless than you think. It’s more like an innovation in the field of art and science. Only a competent surgeon can bring such creativity to your table, bringing you desirable results. 

Unlike medical physicians, cosmetic surgeons are high on dopamine and always think out of the box with an uncomplicated surgical approach. However, your call is to look for a board-certified and qualified plastic surgeon to ensure credibility.

Fact # 3- Additional Surgery is Possible 

While many patients presume their first breast augmentation session to be the last. Yet, that’s not how it works. If you’re entering the world of cosmetic surgery, it’s wise to prepare yourself for the procedure at least twice or thrice. 

As we age, our anatomy alters, so upon giving birth multiple times, your implants could shift and move to a different position. Some women might develop thicker scar tissues that begin to wrap around implants. In such cases, you’ll need another surgery as a replacement or revision.

Fact # 4- Breast Augmentation allows you to Breastfeed 

Getting breast implants doesn’t remove the ability to be a good mother. Contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation doesn’t restrict you from breastfeeding your kid. No doubt your mind finds it harmful for your baby, but no research backs up this misconception. 

Therefore, it’s utterly safe to breastfeed your kids after getting implants. However, ladies with a mastectomy history shouldn’t do this as their milk ducts in the breast tissues are removed.

Fact # 5- Breast Implants don’t Last Forever 

Another fact that you should know about breast implants is that they don’t last forever. Over 20% of females opting for breast augmentation need to get it removed within a few years. 

It’s true, and the longer you keep the implants, there’s a good chance of them leaking or getting ruptured. Luckily, the postsurgical follow-ups help determine your implant’s status. 

Surprisingly, the latest cosmetic advancements have been working to make breast implants more durable and long-lasting. 

Fact # 6- Bigger Implants aren’t always better 

Although the prime purpose of getting breast augmentation surgery is to get voluminous and bigger breasts. But the bigger isn’t always, the better, especially for implants. You must get implants that compliment your figure and appear natural. 

Placing larger implants on a candidate with a small and narrow chest can make it look out of proportion. Also, excessively large breasts might not suit some of your outfits, so choose wisely. 

We suggest you get an expert opinion regarding the implant size rather than the other way around.

Final Thoughts!Whether you’re getting breast augmentation or lip filler in Dubai, cosmetic treatments always require a thorough analysis and wise execution. As a novice, it’s expected of you to delve into the world of misconceptions. Still, keeping your eyes open to differentiate between rumours and facts is important.