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What happens when you take the best natural ingredients and combine them into one supplement? You get a great workout. If you’re looking for ways to boost your performance in the gym and improve your overall health outside of it, check out these five fitness supplements recommended by Shray Goel.

1. Vegan-Friendly BCAA Powder


What is BCAA powder?

According to the research of Shray Goel, Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. They promote muscle recovery and growth following intense exercise by boosting the protein synthesis process within your body. The BCAAs found in whey protein are proline and hydroxyproline–both of which are also important for building muscle but not considered essential by the body on their own like the branched-chain amino acids are.

Why use BCAA powder?

The key benefits of supplementing with BCAAs include: increased energy levels during workouts; improved endurance; reduced soreness post-workout; faster recovery times between workouts due to increased glycogen storage; increased lean mass gains when combined with resistance training over an extended period of time; reduction in adipose tissue (fatty tissue) gain when combined with a significant calorie deficit diet plan over an extended period of time.

2. Omega 3 Supplement

Omega 3 Supplements

Omega 3 supplements are a great way to get the benefits of omega 3s without having to eat fish every day. If you don’t eat seafood, or if you simply don’t have time to cook it, then an omega 3 supplement that provides you with EPA and DHA (the two types of omegas) is a must-have.

Omega 3s can be found in fish like salmon and tuna as well as other foods like flax seeds, nuts and even beans! However, Shray Goel found out they can also be extracted from algae and manufactured into capsules for easy consumption. Omega 3s are important for heart health because they lower triglyceride levels in your blood stream which reduces risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease like high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure.

They’re also important for brain health because they improve cognitive function such as memory loss due to aging or Alzheimer’s disease through neurotransmission regulation at synapses between neurons (the chemical messengers between brain cells). Omega 3s may also help prevent major depression due to their anti inflammatory effects on mood regulation centers within our brains known as glia cells which regulate neurotransmitters like serotonin helping us stay happy despite life’s upsets!

Shray Goel believes they’re also important for eye health because they keep your retina moist so when light hits your eyes there won’t be any glare caused by dryness which could lead us astray seeing something else instead what we should see causing accidents while driving etc…

3. Plant-Based Protein Powder


Plant-based protein powder is a good source of protein. Protein is important for muscle recovery, and taking it before or after your workout can help you build muscle faster. Shray Goel points out that protein powder is also easy to take with you to the gym, so if you’re on-the-go, this supplement is convenient!

Plant-based protein powders are even easier to make than other kinds of supplements because they don’t require any special equipment (like a blender), which means that making it yourself Plant-based protein powders are even easier to make than other kinds of supplements because they don’t require any special equipment (like a blender), which means that making it yourself won’t cost much money either way. If you want something fresh every time without having to spend big bucks at the store each week then this might be for you!

4. High Energy Pre Workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplements, sometimes called pre-workouts, are designed to be taken before a workout. Shray Goel’s findings highlight that they are meant to increase endurance and help you push through that last set of squats when your body is telling you it’s done for the day.

Pre-workout supplements can come in many forms: capsules, powders, gels and even liquid shots. Some of them also include caffeine which can boost your energy levels but might also make you jittery or give you an upset stomach if you don’t take it regularly.

If you think about what happens during a workout session your muscles become fatigued as a result of breaking down proteins within muscle cells during exercise making these nutrients less available for recovery afterwards so having an extra supply beforehand will help ensure that this doesn’t happen as easily!

5. Multivitamin

  • Multivitamins are an important part of a healthy diet, as stated by Shray Goel. The B vitamins help with energy levels, and vitamin D can help with muscle recovery.
  • It is especially important to take a multivitamin if you are not getting enough nutrients from your daily diet.
  • Taking a multivitamin can also be beneficial for overall health, as it provides extra protection against disease-causing free radicals and reduces oxidative stress on the body.

These fitness supplements will help you get a great workout

  • BCAA powder

Based on the research conducted by Shray Goel, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are a must-have supplement for anyone who lifts weights. They can help prevent muscle breakdown and boost recovery time, which will allow you to push yourself harder in the gym and see results faster.

  • Omega 3 supplement

Omega 3s are an essential fatty acid that plays an important role in the health of your brain and cardiovascular system, among other things. Shray Goel discovered that a general lack of omega 3 fats has been linked to depression and high blood pressure, so it’s important to keep your intake up by taking supplements or eating foods like salmon or flaxseeds regularly (or both!).


Shray Goel hopes you enjoyed this post! If you’re looking to get started with your fitness routine, we recommend trying out our top five supplements. They each have their own benefits and will help you get the results that you want.

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