Five Ways Medical Cannabis can help with Opioid Addiction

Medical Cannabis for Opioid Addiction

As per medical marijuana doctors Iowa, Opioid addiction is getting out of hand as more people are getting used to it. Are you looking for the natural ways through which you can get rid of Opioid addiction or any drug addiction? According to a recent study, it is seen that medical cannabis has the property to fight the urge.

In the market, you will see medication that claims that they can help patients to fight Opioid Addiction. However, these medications are filled with chemicals and different drugs which are not good for the body in long run.

Therefore, it’s time to check out the natural methods and that’s why people are moving toward medical marijuana.

What is Opioid Addiction?

Before coming to the methods of treating opioid addiction, let’s know about it in brief. Opioid addiction is like any other drug addiction where people have the urge to consume these drugs and sometimes, it gets out of hand.

It is mostly seen in people in the age group of 24-36. Many people in this age group lost their lives because of a drug overdose. Therefore, the medical marijuana study claimed that MMJ has the property to help opioid addiction patients.

Let’s check out the ways through which medical cannabis helps opioid addiction patients.

5 ways Medical Cannabis helps Opioid Addicted patients

  • Medical Marijuana helps in reducing the Opioid usage

Medical marijuana helps in controlling the urge of opioid usage. With the use of MMJ, the patients feel relieved from the symptoms of the addictions. In a survey, it is seen that the usage of opioids is decreasing in those places where the consumption of MMJ is high.

In the countries or states, where medical marijuana is legal, opioid addiction patients are fewer and people are not suffering from any addiction. According to the 2014 study, places, where MMJ are legal, seem to decline the opioid mortality rate by 24.8% as compared to the places where the MMJ laws are absent.

Even if a person has a history of opioid addiction or trying to quit opioid consumption, then they can use medical marijuana as an alternative and see the results themselves.

  • Medical Marijuana provides relief from Withdrawal symptoms

If you decide to break the dependency on opioids, then you have to face some effects too. However, you can deal with them with medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has therapeutic effects which help patients to heal better.

With the help of the therapeutic effects, the patients can deal with the problems like chills, body pain, nausea, vomiting, and mental pressure to control the urge of using opioids out of addiction. MMJ can be your perfect opioid detox and helps the person to be mentally and physically strong.

  • MMJ helps in controlling the craving behavior

MMJ contains cannabidiol which helps in reducing the craving for opioids. Cannabidiol helps in treating the cravings of all drugs and is beneficial for people who are addicted to an individual drug. Comparing it with a placebo which is another medicine for controlling the drugs, MMJ is a better choice.

MMJ reduces the craving and the patients can see the effects in 7 days.

  • Medical Marijuana helps in controlling anxiety

People who have an addiction to opioid feels depressed, low, and suffered anxiety when they stop consuming it. They are some of the withdrawal symptoms that everyone has to face and medical marijuana helps you control them.

One of the problematic symptoms is anxiety issues. People also use opioids to relieve stress and anxiety. However, medical marijuana is the perfect replacement for opioids, and better with many other benefits.

It is seen that CBD which is present in MMJ is responsible for reducing anxiety issues which happens for the following reasons:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

According to many studies and research, it is clear that MMJ is a good choice for medication if you are looking to reduce anxiety issues.

  • Marijuana is a good choice for reducing chronic pain

People with opioid usage because of medical prescribed feel chronic pain when they are on and off cycle. People who use opioids or other drugs after meeting an accident to reduce their pain become dependent.

Therefore, instead of using an opioid, the person can go for medical marijuana which helps in healing the person from chronic pain without any side effects or negative effects on the body. When we take the survey of people using opioids and marijuana for medical reasons, here are the results we found:

  • People who are associated with chronic pain feel better when they consume marijuana rather than an opioid.
  • Cannabis offers a better quality of life to patients as compared to opioids.
  • There are fewer side effects of cannabis medication.
  • An opioid is more addictive than medical marijuana.

There are many documents and reports which claimed that medical marijuana is a better choice for patients for pain management and chronic pain as compared to opioids.

How to apply for the MMJ card?

Getting medical marijuana card is compulsory for every patient who wants to use marijuana legally. In many countries, medical marijuana consumption is legal only when the patient has an MMJ card. Therefore, if you want to apply for the medical marijuana card in Iowa, then you can check out the MMJ organization.

These organizations are situated in every city and offer medical marijuana card which is 100% authentic. With the help of the MMJ card, patients can buy marijuana and get rid of their opioid addiction.

MMJ card allows patients to buy cannabis or marijuana at a reasonable price from a specific drug store. First, you need to get consulted with a medical marijuana doctor. After that, the doctor will prescribe you a card with enough amount of marijuana consumption which is good for the body.


Opioid addiction is a major problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, it’s time to cure the problem with the perfect substitute i.e., Medical Marijuana. Get yourself consulted with the right medical marijuana doctor and start your treatment now.

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