List of a Bollywood Actress and Her Top Role

Bollywood Actress

From being a girl with autism in ‘Barfi’ to aggressively battling sexual harassment in ‘Highway’, Bollywood actresses have always proved themselves with their exhilarating performances and mind-blowing movie roles. Here is a list of some prominent characters who stand out as beautiful portrayals of the strength of a Bollywood actress.

1.   Sridevi in English Vinglish

Homemakers and mothers are never seen as role models. This movie proved this statement wrong. Sridevi played a game-changing role of a housewife in the movie English Vinglish who inspired so many people out there. In the movie, Shashi, a wife and a mother, raises important questions about a homemaker’s skills and values. She couldn’t speak English, so she took classes for the same.

2.   Kangana Ranaut in Queen

This Bollywood actress is known for taking up unconventional roles in her movies. In the movie Queen, Rani, a woman who couldn’t even speak proper English, went to Europe on her honeymoon alone. Rani’s (Kangana Ranaut) transformation on the trip was gradual but steady. Her self-confidence can be seen when she postpones her return tickets. She showcased her cooking skills, danced her heart out in a club, drove a car, kissed a stranger, and lived with four unknown men in a new country. After she was left at the altar, she took control of her life and dumped her no-so-good fiancé. Her character was not to fight the evil notions of society but how a girl realized her own importance and lived her life on her own terms.

3.   Vidya Balan in Kahaani

Right from the beginning, pregnant Vidya was determined to find her husband, even if that meant hacking a computer system or breaking into a government office. Towards the end of the movie, the audience realizes that she is driving the entire narrative of the movie. People realized that she was actually an agent who was out to kill the killer. Her character, emotional acting, and the breathtaking climax of the movie will be etched in Bollywood’s cinematic history.

4.   Priyanka Chopra Jonas in Barfi

In the movie Barfi, Priyanka Chopra Jonas played the role of an autistic girl named Jhilmil Chatterjee. With her strong role, she proved that a disabled person or character is not someone to be mocked about. She delivered one of her finest works in Bollywood with this movie. Even though there were no long dialogues, Priyanka’s adorable yet determined expressions did the job for her. Jhilmil was a simple and courageous girl who was ready to take on life as it came. With this role, the actress ventured into unknown territory with so much conviction and grace.

5.   Rani Mukerji in Mardaani

Shivani Shivaji Roy is a fearless cop who wishes to bust the trafficking racket and rescue girls. She is not just mentally strong but physically fit too. This is a very rare trait in a female character. When she fights nasty goons, she keeps her emotional side aside. The Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji gave a finesse performance and was seen in a new avatar in the movie. She didn’t apply any makeup, which was a bold move on her part as a mainstream heroine. Her character in the movie managed to earn a lot of respect for female cops from the audience.

6.   Alia Bhatt in Highway

Director Imtiaz Ali took the bold step of addressing the issue of sexual harassment of girls by their own relatives in the movie Highway. After taking up the role of a glamorous and rich girl in the movie Student of the Year, Alia shocked everyone with her character Veera, who discovers herself and feels liberated even when she was in captivity. Such raging characters like Veera are a rare sight in Indian film cinema, where girls are all about traditions and sanskar.

To Sum It Up

Once upon a time, Hindi cinema was all about male-dominated roles and movies. But the trend has changed now. Both Bollywood and South Indian actresses have proved that they are no less than anyone. People now love to watch complex women characters in films. From Piku, Shashi, and Poo, to Veera, many strong women characters have stayed with people over the years. You can read more about these Bollywood ladies and their roles at Abouther’s website.

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