Are VR labs in the metaverse powerful for engineering education?

VR labs

The metaverse is a term that first appeared in Snow Crash novel. And today, it is considered a novel technology. Though it is a new technology, technologists, industrialists, and many enthusiasts are researching, exploring, and implementing the technology in various fields.

From education to the manufacturing industry, from marketing to e-commerce, from healthcare to engineering, every domain seeks its worth. And many industries are already working towards it. The metaverse, with a strong base of virtual reality, offers virtual spaces or VR labs with a variety of features for engagement, socializing, knowledge sharing, and many other purposes.

Basically, the metaverse changes the appearance of the user or domain. For example, a metaverse classroom in the metaverse though realistic will have its unique essence. That is the reason why many educational branches look forward to the metaverse as an educational technology.

There are many ways, the metaverse can enhance education. If we take the example of medical education, many areas in medical education need practical hands-on experience. However, it is challenging for medical students to handle a patient and it is challenging for patients too! 

To cope with this, students with training in the metaverse or other virtual technologies can get such experience effectively. For example, medical students can treat realistic patient conditions with VR, thus getting a realistic experience. Now let us understand the role of a VR lab

 in engineering studies.

Engineering studies and VR labs in the metaverse

Engineering studies involve the keen attention of educators and students. Engineering education works on various levels. For example, engineering training requires rigorous practical or industrial training. Without knowing the implementation of theories, it is hard to understand them. 

In addition, engineering training offers a lot of technical information, therefore to consume it, students need to have an implementation platform. So, teaching engineering remotely, with the same effect may seem next to impossible. It can even make education boring. 

Well, there is a solution for everything if you search for it!

Similarly, engineering education can be interesting and taught well remotely with some technologies. Virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse can be these names. The metaverse in engineering education can make technically sound education interestingly sound!

How can VR lab in the metaverse benefit engineering studies?

A VR lab uniquely created for a special purpose. For example, a VR lab for mechanical engineering will have experiments and concepts related to mechanical engineering. These labs can be very powerful and can make a swift transformation from passive learning to active learning. 

For example, when students enter VR labs in the metaverse, they will be forced to surround themselves with virtual laboratories. It can have t   number of experiments or modules for students. When students select a module or experiment, they will be guided or instructed to perform the experiment step by step. There is no chance for students to participate in it when there is such a creative 3D environment around.

Another advantage of these VR labs is, students will be able to repeat the experiment at no cost. For example, suppose a student wants to perform an experiment in chemical engineering studies. Then, he/she needs to get additional chemical solutions to perform the experiment more times. Whereas, in VR labs, when students want to repeat experiments, it will cost nothing but quality time and learning.

One more advantage is while performing complex or risky to handle experiments. For example, there are many experiments in various engineering branches that need a thorough concentration while performing them. Otherwise, it can damage instruments and may even harm students. The metaverse-driven labs can be a great choice to perform such experiments. In addition, it can be beneficial for virtual field trips and industrial visits.

The metaverse is known as an advanced technology sheltering many other advanced technologies. Therefore, it is the cherry on the top for engineering students to learn about technology while experiencing another one. 

Edverse is on its way offering the power of metaverse!

Edverse is one of the few expert metaverse education solution providers. If offers unique metaverse features to users and helps build a strong educational metaverse. In addition to that, it helps two pillars of education- educators and learners. It offers both of them a unique teaching and learning opportunity with an advanced environment and with VR labs and a metaverse school.


Researchers from the Federal University of Rio De Janerio propose a way for software engineering education with the metaverse. They talk about many benefits of the metaverse that allows students to take a major role in software project development. Students can get hands-on experience in performing experiments, using tools or machines and industrial processes with a metaverse-driven VR lab.

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