5 Effective Tips for Living in Abu Dhabi on a Budget

5 Effective Tips for Living in Abu Dhabi on a Budget

From eye-catching skyscrapers to gorgeous sandy beaches, life in Abu Dhabi is as exciting as it’s enjoyable. Now comes the harsh reality: life in the UAE can be expensive, regardless of which city you choose. While Abu Dhabi is slightly cheaper than Dubai regarding housing, you still need to get a hold of your finances. 

However, as everything looks decent with a few boundaries, so does living on a budget in one of Abu Dhabi properties for rent. Are you planning to move to Abu Dhabi in a few months? Here’s how you can achieve a sustainable lifestyle in the UAE’s record-breaking capital. 

  1. Book a Cheaper Accommodation 

Accommodation is the first thing that comes to our mind when cutting down expenses. It’s because there’s a vast difference between classic and luxury housing, and so do their prices. In this case, communities like Al Muroor, Al Mushrif, and Khalifa City A and B grant a variety of rental properties available in Abu Dhabi that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Choose the one that aligns with your style and budget. 

  1. Cut Down on Transportation Costs 

Expats who’ve recently moved to Abu Dhabi will find it hard to get around if they still need to get a car. Another hassle can be the distance of the workplace from their community. The city provides extensive public transportation networks to major residential and commercial areas to make it easier for locals. Getting a Hafilat Card is helpful as it reduces travel expenses on a bus.

  1. Live Close to your Workplace and your Kid’s School 

Next, you can save a considerable sum by renting a house near your workplace, but how? While owning a private vehicle is like poking holes in your pocket as the dough is runny on budget, it won’t let you last in the city for more than a few months. That’s why we advise you to get a place near your kid’s school and office to reduce fuel and transportation costs.

  1. Buy from Hypermarkets 

Abu Dhabi nurses several hypermarkets like Carrefour and Lulu. These grocery spots must be your go-to option when you’re low on cash. Since they offer various discounted deals or different household items daily, you’ve to keep an eye out for such sales and avail of them in due time.

  1. Spend on Holidays Wisely 

All the enchanting seashores, epic tourist attractions, and enormous structures in Abu Dhabi are nothing but a work of art. It’s easy to get hypnotized with so much beauty at your table, yet you’ve to act sensibly. Apart from the paid entertainment sessions like amusement parks and top-notch restaurants, you can delve into the natural beauty of the seashores and get yourself delicious shawarma on the go.


By now, you must’ve bid farewell to your confusion regarding leading a budget-friendly life in Abu Dhabi. Once you get settled in, everything becomes more accessible. Since there’s always room for progress, dreaming about getting all the luxuries of the city is harmless.

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