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What is the History Behind 925sterling silver Gemstone Jewelry - Jewelpin

Gemstones have been the epitome of beauty and wealth for centuries. Their beauty and sparkle always attract people. For centuries till today, people still adorn gemstone jewelry. In history, the gemstone is the majesty of crowns and scepters to rings and necklaces. The history of stone jewelry is a bit long and interesting and fascinating.

The Captivating History of Gemstone Jewelry 

In the jewelry industry gemstone jewelry is a staple for many years. People are attracted to gemstones due to their astonishing beauty and benefits. There are many things that are beautiful and valuable and gemstone is one of them. These stones have been used as jewelry from the day they were found. The earliest gemstone was worn 25, 000 years ago. This jewelry was reserved for the royals and wealthy people at that time. So it is not a surprise that they were expensive since the day it was found and still they are expensive.

The earliest place where gemstones were first used is in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were the first ones to create complicated and fancy pieces using these stones. They believed that gemstones had special powers and used them in amulets and talismans to ward off evil spirits and protect themselves from harm. Not only Egyptian but also Greeks and Romans also appraised the stones and created many other pieces through gemstone jewelry. Many of the famous pieces of ancient jewelry, such as the Hellenistic gold wreaths, were adorned with gemstones. Romans were especially known for their love of Opal birthstone jewelry.

Middle Age popularity of Gemstone  

During the middle age, the popularity of gemstones increased and is still regularly increasing, although at that point it took a religious significance. At that time gemstones were used to make crosses, reliquaries, and many other objects. They believed that these stones have some healing powers. It became the way to reflect the status and wealth of wealthy people.

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The renaissance period 

Italy was the first country to experience the renaissance movement. This period witnessed the rejuvenation of gemstone jewelry’s popularity. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo incorporated precious stones into their designs. During this period diamonds became very popular in jewelry, the diamonds were used to make astonishing wholesale gemstone jewelry. The discovery of diamonds made a huge impact on the making of jewelry. Due to that, they learned cutting techniques that made different stone shapes and polished them more effectively.

After the renaissance period, in the 18th and 19th-century new types of gemstones and techniques were discovered like cutting and setting the Gemstone jewelry. The Georgian era, for example, saw the use of colored gemstones such as garnets, topaz, and amethysts, as well as the development of the rose cut, a type of diamond cut that was popular during that time.

The Victorian Era 

It is very evident how much Queen Victoria loved jewelry. In her era jewelry became more sentimental and the jewelry pieces are mostly crafted for special occasions or to honor someone they love. Pendants, rings, and featuring gemstones were used to endow their loved ones.

Modern ERA of Gemstone Jewelry  

It is very evident now that Gemstone jewelry has become so popular among people since it was discovered. In the 19th and 20th centuries as new sources were discovered it brought about a shift in the market. As the supplies increased the prices decreased. So this enables many people to buy these gemstones and makes them more accessible to the general people. Advancement in technology has had a huge impact on this industry. The development of new techniques of cutting and polishing allowed us to make more new pieces and designs.

Since then the trend or fashion of gemstone jewelry has remained unchanged and evolving day by day. Now people are so fond of this jewelry and the astonishing stones make it easier for people to fall for them. Beautiful birthstones are being used not only because of their beauty but also because of their healing powers. People’s taste in jewelry has elevated with new designs and styles. Jewelers now use the silver base to make beautiful 925 sterling silver jewelry like Ruby rings, and Emerald necklaces. Not only this, these stones even go with Gold jewelry and fashion jewelry as well.

Overall, Gemstone jewelry has been in the trends since it was founded, and people are still fond of gemstone jewelry and will always be.

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