6 Tips for Throwing Knees on the Heavy Bag- #2 will give you goosebumps!

Throwing Knees

Have you ever thought of leveling up your combat game? If not, now is the time to do so! With unconventional heavy bag training, you can intensify your power in no time. Techniques like knee strikes can help you take a unique course in your combat journey.

We are here to help you figure out exceptional tips that can help you stay ahead. From striking abilities to self-defense, you can practice resilience to execute powerful knee strikes. Surely, there are customary ways of doing it. However, we are here to help you take the most exciting and effective direction.

Learn the best techniques of knee strikes to be offensive as well as defensive in the ring! Are you ready to unlock the most dumbfounding tips for a heavy bag? Let’s get going.

Did you know? Heavy bag drills can help you improve your punching technique. When you hit a heavy bag, you need to focus on proper form and technique. It will help you to develop more power and accuracy in your punches.

Surprising techniques to throw knees- Master heavy bag drills!

With practice and precision, you can unlock doors of unbelievable opportunities! Throwing your knees accurately on heavy bags can make you one of the most competent fighters. Knee strikes are traditional striking techniques.

However, some out-of-the-box techniques can make you an exceptional fighter. Here’s how you can polish your striking abilities most unusually.

Tip #1-Proper stance and balance

Proper stance and balance can instantly put you ahead in the combat game. A heavy bag is a crucial choice for both power and balance. Here’s how you can master the ideal stance with a heavy bag.

  • Feet placement

Begin by placing your feet width apart. A stable base will help you maintain balance during and after knee strikes. Keep your feet slightly staggered and one foot positioned in front of the other. You should point your foot towards the target.

  • Weight distribution

Weight distribution is essential in heavy bag drills. You must distribute your body weight equally on both legs. It will help you execute a stable knee strike.

  • Bent knees

Keep your knees slightly bent for the perfect execution of powerful strikes. It will help you maintain flexibility and generate power from your legs and hips.

With regular practice, you can become proficient in throwing knees on heavy bags. For such purposes, you need to acquire a proper stance.

Tip #2-The blindfold knee

We assume you are already astonished to find the unusual term ‘blindfold knee’ for heavy bag drill. This unique concept is a challenging training drill. You can perform it while wearing a blindfold.

It is typically reserved for advanced martial artists. However, to perform it, you need to follow professional guidelines. Here’s how you can exercise it.

  • Blindfold practice

This drill consists of blindfolding yourself. You can not see any object or heavy bag.

  • Enhancing other senses

Being blindfolded means you have to rely on your other senses, like touch, proprioception and spatial awareness. 

  • Balance and timing

The ultimate goal of blindfold knees is to improve your balance and timing. Without any visuals, you can develop your heightened sense of balance and use muscle memory to execute knee strikes accurately.

  • Spatial awareness 

By exercising blindfold knee strikes, you can develop spatial awareness. It is essential for maintaining distance from the target and understanding bag location and body relation.

Tip #3-Engage your core

A strong core is what allows you to excel in the ring. You can maintain better balance and stability with a powerful core. For dynamic situations like clinching and rapid movements, core strength is essential.

Here’s how you can engage your core.

  • Power generation

Knee strikes help in power generation. It includes both abdominal and lower back muscles. Stability and balance are critical in power generation. A strong core will help you keep your body steady and prevent you from losing balance.

  • Control Precision

Having a strong core gives you an edge in knee strikes. It gives you more control over your movements. You can execute knee strikes and great precision with a strong core.

  • Quick recovery

A powerful knee strike can result in injuries. You can recover faster with a strong core. It also allows you to transition your abilities into techniques.

  • Injury prevention

A stronger core strengthens you from the inside. It provides proper body alignment and reduces the risk of injuries.

Tip #4-Targeting and accuracy

Heavy bag drills are ideal to hit the right target. Here’s how you can benefit from it.

  • Realistic training

With a heavy bag, you can learn to target specific areas of training. It will help you refine your striking technique by visualizing. 

  • Effective strikes

Practicing heavy bags will help target the correct areas to work on techniques. You can target various vulnerable areas of your opponent’s body. 

  • Strategic development

Target selection becomes much easier with heavy bags. You can aim for the head or ribs. It will enable you to develop a strategic mindset for different situations.

Tip #5-Variations and combinations

Trying out variations in knee strikes will help you take the lead. You can learn the most common combinations. 

  • Straight knee (Kao chock)

You can exercise straightforward, thrusting knee strikes that help you target directly. You can target the midsection of your opponents for powerful and quick clinching.

  • Curved knee (Kao Loi)

For the curved knee technique, you can bend your knees slightly inward and upward to target the opponent’s ribs, head and face.

  • Diagonal Knee (Kao Tiang)

Try delivering diagonal knee strikes. It is most effective for targeting the ribs. It is a popular choice in Muay Thai and clinch fighting. 

Tip #6-The mirror knee

Mirror acts can always help you master your moves. You can significantly improve your knee strikes by mirroring it. Start by training in front of a full-length mirror. You can observe your knee strikes and identify areas of improvement.

It allows you to make real-time adjustments and make timely decisions for improvement. You can be your critique and make more appropriate changes to your training regime.

Find more exceptional tips in the FAQ section.


How can I improve my heavy bag drill?

You can improve your footwork with a heavy bag. It will help you maintain your balance and improve your punching capabilities. 

Is heavy bag cardio or strength training?

Hitting a heavy bag helps you improve your punching power, agility, coordination and stamina. You need to acquire cardiovascular and muscular strength.


Heavy bag workouts can instantly help you secure a dominant position. However, you need to look for the most unconventional ways to win contemporary combat. We have shared the most exceptional heavy bag drills that you can do by throwing knees.

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Maximize your striking capacity with potent and premium heavy bags to implement these unconventional techniques!

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