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Interview with Jaeyong Jeong, VP of interview FastCompany VP jaeyeon jung galaxy Fast Company: Jaeyeon Jeong is VP of Samsung Hardware and Head of SmartThings Asia, where he has been working with SmartThings since April 2015. With 66 million clients in 196 countries and territories, Samsung has developed its ecosystem. The world’s most significant IoT. We caught up with Jae-Yong of late to discuss what’s novel about the new system SmartTag, the similarities to the SmartThings environment, and his thought process about competing objects in the field.

The Galaxy Smart Tag:

Cosmic System Savvy Tag is our item that helps more people with SmartThings. We have made this mark to allow more people to experience the benefits of a smart home by meeting their inclinations and needs. For example, assuming you have some pre-selected music that you like or are passionate about, espresso. You can use your main tunes and different inflections. This is your home talent sponsor.

System Smart Tag is perfect for those who need a creative mind and imagination to make their homes more wonderful. Or on the other hand, they may need more opportunity and energy to do so. The main difference between a SmartThings Center and a System SmartTag is that you want to introduce intelligent gadgets (lights, plugs, etc.) into your home and then interface them to the Center before you can access sensitive highlights in the house. Can appreciate it.

The Universe Show Tag joins with your existing gadgets and allows you to choose your favourite music class or espresso inclination to empower the incredible home highlights. With System Savvy Tag, you must download the application and sign up to complete the configuration interaction. A Little Establishment Interview Samsung Fast Company VP Jaeun Jung.

How Does Work:

Excellent Label will connect to your cell phone or tablet. Get everything rolling by downloading the Samsung Interface application from the Google Play Store or Application Store and selecting Add a Gadget. Awesome Labels requires an app to download. Once downloaded, you can set it up with new gadgets (e.g., Bulbs) or upgrade to more awesome devices (e.g., Savvy Plugs). Follow the basic bit-by-bit directions. Additionally, sync your stunning labels with your cell phone or tablet. You are counting down the most brilliant gadgets in your home so far. You will want to see all the related devices in the application when adjusted.

Samsung Smart Tag:

The World Smart Tag can check and understand items like a virtual shopping companion. Use item data and offer shopping guidance. A computerized resource can be attached to any object. By working with the Samsung Shop-Igniter application, shoppers can shop from their cell phones, including garments, jewelry, food, and household items. Despite essential purchasing capabilities, the Cosmic SmartTag provides retailers with critical information and data. It follows client ventures, gathers input, and even leads group discussions. So are many high-level computer-based intelligence elements, including artificial visual intelligence, voice recognition, and AI.

Interview with Samsung Fast Company VP Jaeun Jung. The interview FastCompany VP jaeyeon jung galaxy Shop-Igniter application continuously communicates with Cosmic System SmartTags via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to provide continuous data on neighboring objects and progress. When the user passes the Universe SmartTag, the Shop-Igniter application receives the item data. The SmartTag Item Scanner application can also track item data, audits, and other data. They can likewise take pictures of the item and share them with colleagues.

Shopping Experience:

It creates an intelligent item inventory where customers can try clothes and see what fits their body shape. It can also be used to form directed images to help introduce large-scale purchases such as collections and furnishings to buyers. AR can similarly be used for virtual fitting. Where clients can take a stab at different items, such as jewelry and shoes, and find out how they look and fit. This innovation can affect the way in which individuals purchase and interact with goods. It can be used to create a shopping experience that addresses all five.

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