Fully Utilize Impound Insurance To Enhance Your Business

Impound insurance

If the police have impounded your car, you may have difficulty finding suitable vehicle insurance that will cover you to release it. Finding a mainstream insurance provider for an impounded vehicle can be extremely difficult, whether your car was impounded because it was driven without valid car insurance, the driver did not have the proper license, or for any other reason.

Insurance for impounded cars is not widely available from standard car insurance providers, and vehicle owners frequently struggle to find coverage, especially given the short time frame in which they must release their vehicle.

Why do you need impound insurance?

Many of the reasons a car may be impounded are due to situations or events that result in the cancellation of car insurance. To be able to release an impounded vehicle, you must show proof of insurance for at least 30 days. However, insurance providers consider impounded cars to be high-risk, and even if you can find an annual insurance policy.

Insurance for impounded cars

If your car has been impounded, you should be aware that it can be both stressful and expensive. The financial stress that comes with having your car impounded can have a significant impact on your life. With costly charges to pay at the police pound and the possibility that your driving license is supported by penalty points or a driving conviction, you could do without exorbitant and unfair insurance premiums.

When most insurance companies learn that your car has been impounded, they will either refuse you or raise your rates because you will be considered a high-risk applicant. This is where Release my vehicle can come in handy.

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We cannot change the fact that your vehicle has been impounded, but we can assist in lowering the cost of getting it out of the police pound and back on the road. When you fill out our impound insurance quote form, we immediately send your information to our team of experienced insurance brokers. Once the insurance broker has your information, they will use their extensive experience to find the most competitively priced coverage available before contacting you with an insurance quote. 

Temporary insurance for impounded vehicles

You can get temporary car insurance for your impounded vehicle. You can buy short-term insurance policies that cover you from one day to one month.

When comparing temporary car insurance through Release my vehicle, you should select impound insurance as the reason for your coverage.

While policies vary, they all provide comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage. It means you must be insured for both your own vehicle and the vehicles of others. These methods typically buy to allow someone else to drive your car temporarily. However, insurance premiums are likely to be relatively high. Keep in mind that the policy should allow for the release of a vehicle from the police pound.

What is covered by impound insurance?

Our insurance brokers have years of experience in the high-risk vehicle insurance industry. We can assist you in locating various types of impounded car insurance policies because we are affiliated with highly experienced and trusted insurance brokers who have developed excellent relationships with insurance underwriters. Here are a few features of the policies provided by our insurance providers:

  • 30-day or short-term car insurance that covers you for one month and lasts long enough to release your impounded vehicle.
  • An annual impounded car insurance policy that covers you for 12 months and allows you to retrieve your vehicle.
  • Insurance for young or inexperienced drivers

Insurance for an impounded vehicle if you have previous or pending convictions

How can you release an impounded vehicle?

If your vehicle has been impounded, you should receive an impound notice when it is ready for pickup. The first step is to determine where your car has been stolen; if you are unsure, contact the authorities and request your local police pound to determine where it has been stolen.

It is critical to clarify with the police exactly what is required and what you must do to reclaim your impounded vehicle. To be honest, getting your vehicle released requires you to provide a number of documents and follow some guidelines within seven working days of it being taken. You must also pay fees and ensure that your current insurance policy covers you for the vehicle to be retrieved from the police pound.

Legal requirements for releasing your vehicle

You are required by law to attend the police pound within seven working days of your vehicle being impounded. However, you should always call the police pound to ensure that the vehicle is not being held for further investigation and is ready for collection.

*Kindly double-check opening hours*

The vehicle must be collected by the registered owner with the proper documents within 14 days. If these requirements are not met by the deadline, your vehicle will be scrapped or auctioned.

What documentation is required to release your vehicle?

To release the vehicle, you must bring a number of original documents to the police pound. The first will be an impound notice, which you will be given at the roadside.

You must have:

Proof of identity: A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is required.

Proof of ownership: You must also demonstrate ownership of the vehicle. It could be anything from a logbook to a new keeper supplement.

A Valid MOT:  If the vehicle is more than three years old, it must have a valid MOT. If not, the individual must be recovered or transported directly to a pre-hired test appointment.

Insurance certificate: You must also provide proof of insurance, but not all insurance policies cover you if your car is impounded. That is why you must first read the small section. If you are still unsure, contact your insurance provider to clarify the situation.

To get an impound insurance quote for an impounded vehicle insurance policy, simply complete a simple form, and our team will contact you shortly. You should not be concerned if your car is impounded by the police; simply contact us and we will assist you in getting it released from the police pound.