Amazon Prime Day Ended Deals Are Still Going


We’d like to let you know about a tremendously appealing deal we found on our (pre)Apple Watch Amazon Prime Day Deals Blog. You can save $70 right now on the latest Apple Watch Series 7, 45 millimeters in midnight color, and with a black Nike sports band by purchasing it for $359 instead of $429.

It is clear that Best Buy has a large stock of this model because the store ran an identical promotion over the Memorial Day weekend. Given that we’ve seen numerous amazon promo codes 20 off anything on the Apple Watch Series 7 appear and quickly disappear, this is a fantastic opportunity if your budget allows you to upgrade to the larger 45mm model.

Apple Watch Pricing Set to Exceed Expectations Tomorrow

It’s important to remember all the good refreshed values that are currently available on Amazon right this second, even as we look forward to seeing some mouth-watering apple watch on Not everyone will be interested, but we found one in particular to be quite intriguing.

The Apple Watch Series 3, with GPS and cellular connectivity and a white sport band, is available for just $155 (opens in a new tab) today! It must stress that while this is an improved version of the previous model, it is not a completely new design. However, you have up to 90 days to return it if there are any issues, and the quality is guaranteed.

Used Apple Watches won’t preferred by everyone.

Refurbished Apple Watches on Amazon Prime Day might not for everyone, but we think they’re a steal at £155. We think the Apple Watch SE is fantastic. It may missing some of the bells and whistles of newer models, but it still provides adequate functionality at a reasonable price.

The SE is currently available at Best Buy in a number of color options for $249, down from its original price of $269. Our review of the Apple Watch SE, which didn’t come out until September 2020, earned a perfect score of five stars because we remain enthusiastic users of the device.

All the Necessary Functions

It has all the features that are required while leaving out the ones that aren’t. The price is already low, so when you factor in the additional savings, we think you’ll agree that this is a deal that deserves your attention. If you want to save $70 off the list price of the red Apple Watch on Amazon Prime Day 7, I recommend heading over to Target right this second.

We have a hunch that when Amazon Prime Day officially begins at midnight, you’ll able to find better deals on the Apple Watch Series 7. This is probably the lowest price we will able to find for the newest Apple Watch, but if you just can’t wait, it’s still the best option.

Use Amazon to look for Apple Watches.

The only Apple Watches that will turn up in a search for “Apple Watch” on Amazon Prime Day will updated models; however, this is only because Amazon is saving the full stack for the official start of Prime Day. There are great deals to had on an Apple Watch, Series 6, if you’re willing to buy a previous model.

Watch Series 6 (GPS) by Apple

You can save $139 by purchasing an Apple Watch on Amazon Prime Day 6 (GPS) from Walmart, where it is currently selling for $278 (opens in new tab). This deal on a 40-millimeter watch is almost perfect, with the sole exception that it comes in just one color, red. Can you tolerate the color? Then you have a bargain on your hands.

We have bargains for any British readers who are in the market for a good purchase. Among the many discounts currently available at John Lewis, the 30% off Apple Watch Nike Series 6 stands out. For £509, instead of the usual £459, you can get an Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS + Cellular from John Lewis.

Silver Stainless Steel 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS and Cellular

John Lewis also offers a £50 discount on the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular, 44mm Silver Stainless Steel Case, bringing the total price to £699. For £649, you can get the same watch in black with a sport band. This link opens in a new tab.

Okay, let’s start talking! This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the Apple Watch Series 7, and it’s not even on Amazon Prime Day!

There is currently a sale at apple watch prime day where you can get the newest Apple Watch for $115 off, bringing the price down to $284 for the 41mmGPS model (opens in new tab) and $314 for the 45mm version (opens in new tab). The larger model saves you 3% while the smaller one saves you 29%!

Unbelievable Deal

So, what’s the catch? However, the only color available at this ridiculously low price is green. The 41mm Apple in Midnight (opens in a new tab) is discounted by $80, while the red and abysmal blue models are discounted by $70.

Those of you in the United Kingdom, rejoice: Apple Watch 7 discounts have officially begun appearing on Amazon Prime Day! Amazon UK is currently offering a £50 discount on the 41mm in green, which isn’t a huge savings amazon promo code 10 off anything but is better than nothing.

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