A complete guide on 9.9 kW solar sytem in Australia

9.9 kw Solar Panel System

Want to install solar on your roof? But don’t know where to start? A million questions must be there in your head. Do not worry! TGR brings together the best solar experts to help you with your 9.9 kW solar panel system installation. 

We have tried to put together most of the essential information that you would like to know about solar power systems. 

What is a 9.9kW solar system?

A 9.9 kW solar panel system is quite popular in Aussie families among various residential and commercial solar panels. Every day this system can produce an average of 33kWh of electricity using solar energy. It is generally put together with an 8kW to 10 kW inverter and 27 to 33 solar panels. 

Price of 9.9kW solar system 

There are so many factors that affect the price of a 100kW solar system, such as:

  • The brand you select, such as Canadian solar panels for sale is available on our website.
  • The place where you live.
  • The system manufacturer.

The data available on online sites can confuse you, and thus we have compiled information to make things simpler and easier. Below we have listed the initial installation cost of solar panel systems in various Australian states. 

Note –  This list gives an approximate price and does not give an exact figure. 

  • Approximately $5,490 in New South Wales.
  • Approximately $8,490 in the ACT.
  • Approximately $6,090 in South Australia.
  • Approximately $6,450 in Victoria.
  • Approximately $5,490 in Queensland.

How many panels do a 9.9kW solar system need?

For any small-scale enterprise in Australia, a 9.9 kW solar panel system is the most affordable and sought-after product. Solar energy production is highly efficient in this PV module, thus making it a popular choice among Aussie families and businesses. Investing in 9.9kW solar panels is bound to give you a high return on your investment since it has a higher production capacity.

When mounted on a roof, 9.9kW solar panels are made of 30 panels and give an output of 330W of energy.

Energy production of 9.9kW solar panels 

In Melbourne, a 9.9kW solar PV module can produce up to 44 units in a day. However, you must keep in mind that the angle of the panel, location, and the weather condition – all play a major part in deciding the output of your system.

Get in touch with our expert consultants today at Think and Grow to learn about the output of your solar PV module. We are here to give you the most accurate information and help in your installation process so that you can get the most out of your investment. 

Who can use a 9.9kW module? 

In Melbourne, a 9.9kW solar PV module is ideal for installation in commercial places and small business enterprises whose power needs are less than 9.9 kWh. 

This solar PV module will fulfill your electricity needs and help you slash your monthly electricity expenses. 

Any business owner or a person running an office who no longer wants to remain a slave to the grid can install 9.9 kW solar panels. It has the ability to generate enough electricity to meet all your power needs. You will notice a significant drop in your expenses, and with the passage of time, it will make you realize that it is one of the best investment decisions made by you!  

And want to hear about the best part? Its payback period starts as soon as the panels are installed on your roof. The money that you will save on your power bills can be utilized in expanding your business or any other investment that you would want to make for your company’s growth. 

Why choose a 9.9kW solar system?

Well, first and foremost, the most important benefit that you will experience after installing a 9.9kW PV module is a reduction in your electricity expenses. The day these systems are installed on your roof, they start producing electricity, your payback period starts, and you start getting back your return on investment.

Utilize the money for the growth of your business from the savings done in your power bills. Now that you have paid off a major chunk of your power expenses, it is time for you to reap its benefits.

The following are the benefits of installing this solar PV module:

  • Efficient performance in terms of the production of electricity.
  • Its storage capacity is larger than PV modules, such as a 6.6kW solar system.
  • The output given by the system is consistent and remarkable.
  • The abundant sunshine in Australia adds to the high production capacity of the module. 
  • The availability of so many state government rebates and incentives lowers the installation cost of the panels. 

Now that you have a basic idea of this solar module, the next step is to place an inquiry and contact our solar experts to get the best consultation and installation services. 

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